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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 429 :)

What does the rock say? Cadence rocks it old school!

What does the Rock say?

“Gary help! Ooga ooga!”—A message waiting millions of years for an answer. By Gary — It looks like someone left me a message in a very peculiar place. My tests show this carving is from prehistoric times! Prehistoric Plea!

While some snowball enthusiasts were making supplies for their upcoming competition, they uncovered this dramatic message. I came by immediately and examined it. I believe that not only is this an authentic carving from prehistoric Club Penguin, but that it is from my own distant ancestor, Garugg the Ugg Ugg. I can recognize his chisel work. He must have written it into the rock in hopes that we would find it now. Even though Garugg is a caveguin, he has a scientific mind. He even invented a measuring club to help with his experiments. If he left this message for us, then there must be a scientific crisis! I’ll be studying this more to confirm my theory, but if I’m right, there will be time travel back to the past in our future!

Cadence Rocks it Old School :)

These are available for members in the Clothes Shop now! By Cadence — What up, peeps? Gary’s been talking about prehistoric CP a lot, and Penguin Style is all about it too. They say trends come back and classic is never out of style—so why not try out some of these REALLY retro outfits. Those hair-dos are wicked, and I LUV the bright colors! Feathers, furs, and face paint mean U can make a wild party outfit! Maybe rock a RAD zebra print top with the Tiki Tiki? Whatevs expresses the prehistoric U! There’s a lot 2 go gaga for here (or is that go ooga booga? :P Gary’s geeking out over what’s going down in the stone age, but if it’s a fashion emergency, I’m ALL over it. Good luck in the way waaaay back when!

Upcoming Events :)

Jan. 16 Furniture Catalog The height of stone-age living! Available in your igloo.

Jan. 16 Stage Practice your caveguin speak with Penguins That Time Forgot!

Jan. 16 New Comic More comics on the way!

Jan. 23: Time Travel Awaits! – Gary

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until January 22.
Next pin hidden: January 23–February 5

Newsflash :)

Due to popular demand, extra pickles have been ordered for the Pet Catalog. Hurry to the Pet Shop while supplies last.

Ask Gary :)

How was visiting your relatives? – Jean E. Ologist
Thank you for asking, Jean. It turns out they were hard to locate—even with a time machine! It was still an intriguing adventure. I went to find Garianna and ask her about her magic book, but all I found were more mysterious pages. She was traveling to new places as well! Gariwald is in the past and a ghost, so getting him to sit down for a chat proved impossible. It would really help if he had an address that didn’t move through dimensions. I did get to spend a lot of time with Garugg the Ugg Ugg though. We went to the Volcano and helped him make some lava-powered devices. I think we made the first ever pizza using the new oven! And now it looks like we’ll be seeing more of him in the near future. Err...past!

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Jet Pack Adventure Perfect Run :)

Play Jet Pack Adventure while avoiding all the coins, and you’ll earn a secret prize! You’ll receive 1000 coins (and the Extreme ‘Ace Pilot’ Stamp!) if you make it to the end of level 5 without getting a single coin. Use up all your fuel at the end of each level. Hover just above the landing pad until it’s gone. Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 428 :)

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