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Monday, January 13, 2014

FUN with Friends Holiday Party 2013 :)

The Disney Club Penguin Coins for Change and Holiday Party 2013 was so Much FUN and here are a few FUN with Friends Pictures from that event :) Sv101 and I are playing the Holiday Express mini game :) We found LOTS of BUGS! Throwing snowballs didn't work, sometimes the items filled with coins were missing…

…Hi Mr Men980 :) You don’t have a train!?! BUG!

…Mr Men980 left and came back…HURRAY! Problem solved :)

Card-Jitsu FUN :) Thanks Sv101 and cute white Puffle I LOVE Snow :) What…LOL :)

…Oops! Did those tunes scare you? LOL :)

…Wuki is driving me and Princess148 through the Plaza so we can…

…work TOGETHER at the blue line and donate to Coins for Change there too :)

…It’s so much FUN to drive around  :)

…Agent Hush talked to me about that even though we are connected as a train right now it looks like we aren't! BUG!

…Then we went to help out at the presents station :)

…EVERYONE are welcome to join the Holiday Express train :)

…THANKS for earning coins to CFC TOGETHER Friends :) TOGETHER WE ROCK :)

…I met Sommfi and Superqami at the Snow Forts and we had a HAPPY DANCE PARTY :)

…Then we joined Sommfi’s train and…

…worked TOGETHER :)

…Ricardo M6 has an AWESOME Holiday Decorated Igloo :)

…Hi Chankey7 and Paulie880 :)

…Time to earn MORE Coins TOGETHER :)

…Good game!

…HURRAY! Look how much coins we donated TOGETHER :) GREAT TEAM WORK EVERYONE!

…Lilly09873 is so kind and make sure that we all got free Popcorn to eat so we can keep earning coins :) THANKS :)

…Oops! There is a BUG with the Coins Earned sign!

…After lots of coins collecting we took a break…No, no you don’t have to pay for anything in the Coffee Shop today please donate to Coins for Change instead :)

…Full steam ahead :)

…Nope we can’t drive connected as a train to other Penguin’s Igloos…Thanks Greatmastern, Dvivoni and Superqami for helping me testing this :)

…Here we are in Dvivoni’s Railway Station Igloo :) Let’s try to go from here to the Holiday Express connected as a train…

…HURRAY! That worked :)

…Crazytiger11 is a non member and can’t normally enter the underwater room for members BUT as he has joined my train I can drive him there :) I LOVE this BUG :)  Sadly Club Penguin fixed this after a week :(

…HAPPY HOLIDAYS Payton The 8 :)

…After we had worked TOGETHER to donate coins we visited Payton The 8’s nice home :) It was so Much FUN to talk to you and your cute Puffles and THANKS for letting me borrow your computer :)

...Honypup34 and I are working TOGETHER wrapping gifts :) I think we need more boxes…LOL :)

…Merry Christmas to you too Mc Splash :)

…Organo has decorated for Coins for Change and the Holidays and his Puffles are so cute and…

…they really want to open their gifts...LOL :) Nice to meet you Friend :)

…HAPPILY waiting for Rockhopper and Yarr :)

…I’m HAPPY to send you Postcards :) Make sure that you have LESS then 50 cards saved in your mailbox so I can send you one :)

…Hi there :) I’m here :)

…Sadly Rockhopper didn't visit this room this time BUT it was FUN to meet so many Friends Online :) Later I met Rockhopper in server Wool Socks :)

…I like how Penganor 123 has decorated her Igloo :)

Sled Race FUN :)

…CONGRATS Penganor 123 you are GREAT at this Game :)

…Then we decided to play the Holiday Express mini game but first we sang some carols…La la la LAAAaaaAAAA…LOL :)

…Hi Rosiegirl985 :) How are you today?

…TOGETHER we had so much FUN playing Card-Jitsu and I got reminded that I never EVER should underestimate the power of Hot Sauce…

…or Holiday Decorations…LOL :)

…Thanks for the FUN my Friend and HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

…Igloo Party at Justin560 Sweet Swirl Home :) Unlock items with Coins for Change :)

…THANKS to ALL AWESOME GENEROUS Penguins I have played TOGETHER with during this Party :) I think the Holiday Express mini game was so MUCH FUN :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!

FUN with Friends :)


Pinkzee1 said...

Hi Saraapril I hope I can meet you someday... :)
Waddle On!

Perapin said...

Wow it's been a while since I've last seen Dvivoni on this blog. Nice to see him again! :)

~Perapin :)

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