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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Disney Club Penguin has REMOVED two option on the Dinosaur Transformation Penguin Poll!

…And they have a BUG with the Wallpapers…

…BUG! BUG! BUG!!! Officially they haven’t even started to update Club Penguin for this week yet as the “updating sign” isn't added OR did they forgot to update that? LOL :) UPDATE: The Wallpaper Bugs are now Fixed :)

…Right now the Club Penguin Membership page doesn't load…BUG! UPDATE: The Fair 2014 for Club Penguin Members :)

…Your Igloo on the map has been updated with a new look and some of the spruces have been moved :) I LOVE that my home now is decorated to look welcoming on the Map :)

…The Postcards are updated and here are the Featured Postcards :)

…There are two New large Ads on Club Penguin home page: Online Safety it Starts with You! Take Our Safety Quiz Get a FREE Reward Log in. Click on the quiz icon.…

…and More Prizes! New Rides The Fair Starting Feb. 20 :)

…Check out all the NEW Fair Fashions Go to Penguin Style is a New Ad!

…The Members’ Gold Puffles can dig for super rare gold items Ad is  added again!

…The Treasure book in the Clothes Shop has been updated :) The Brown Leather Sandals looks different :)

…The Greed Dubstep Puffle Tee has a red Puffle BUG!

…The Adopt a Puffle page is now split into two pages! This is how the first page looks like and…

…this is the second page :)

…On the Adoption Certificate it says: Your dino puffles will live in your igloo backyard, even after the party ends BUT…Hurray! My Dino Puffles are still in my Igloo :) I hope Club Penguin DOESN'T fix this Bug as I LOVE to have my cute Dinos in my Iggy:)

…I wanted to see what happened if I answered wrong on the Safety Quiz so I did my worse…LOL :) Good Try! Please take the online safety quiz again. Okay :)

Club-Penguin- 2014-02-0334 - Copy

…The Disney Club Penguin login animation is now showing the Disney Club Penguin logo without the Prehistoric items :)

…The moderator badge sometimes show up instead of the Quiz icon…BUG? The badge has a new text font and is brighter than before :)

…BUT when I click on the badge the room gets darker and I get STUCK and have to log off…ANNOYING BUG!

…The text below the paintings in the Lighthouse are now centered again :) Make up your mind Club Penguin…LOL :)

…The Target on the Clock Tower is back to the old design and color :)

…From the Snow Forts we can see the Soccer Stadium…BUG!

…Luckily the Ice Rink is still here :)

…At the Plaza we can read that right now the Quest for the Golden Puffle is on the Stage…BUG!

…we still have The Penguins that Time Forgot :)

…The pizza door handles and framings around the doors are updated again :)

…And the Agent Command has new fonts on all computer screens :)

…Rookie’s icon in the Friends list has been updated :)

…More Prizes! New Rides! The Fair Starting Feb. 20 Picture is now added as a Login Picture too :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…


Anonymous said...

.. ?? Saraapril is Club Penguin loading slowly for you? It is for me :(

Anonymous said...

I get the slow login too (cp name:leopleld

Anonymous said...

Hi Saraapril it is a bug going on for long time now in the treasure book. I had trying to introduce several codes and the treasure chest is the same old one with the bunny outfit. I'm so disappoint because a have about 6 coins to exchange for previous toys and I already have all the items in the old catalog.
Is this something that is happen with your penguin or just my penguins are the ones affected? Please help me?

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