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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 434 :)

Order Arrives! Fairground Abuzz!

Order Arrives! Fairground Abuzz!

Whatever is under wraps, it hasn’t sunk the island yet. By Aunt Arctic — The island is a flurry of activity right now! Workers are building the Fair, all according to Rookie’s directions... HARD HAT AREA!

I made my way through the precarious piles of boxes to where Rookie was discussing a Fair attraction with the construction team. “It’s gotta be like BOOSH!” he said, “And then over here it’ll be like WEEEEEE BAM!” I can’t deny that Rookie has a lot of enthusiasm for the Fair, but I had some concerns about the scale of this project. Rookie told me, “Don’t worry about the scales. The mermaid props are ready to go! The tricky part is all the water.” Well, we’ve all got our eyes on the Fair, waiting to see what happens. Especially the cleanup crews—they are on high alert. Rookie has asked me to remind everyone that the Fair is a “No Clown Zone.”

Your Own Igloo Backyard!

Questions about backyards answered. By PH — Have ya checked out your backyard yet? Or maybe you’re still not sure how best to use it? Here’s all the info:

• Go there by clicking on the gate icon in your igloo
• Move puffles to and from your igloo by clicking on them, then hitting the arrow
• It’s a permanent new space for you and your puffles
• It’ll change to match your igloo background so it suits your style!
• It provides food and entertainment for your puffles so their stats don’t change

If ya have any more questions, please send ’em to the paper. Puffle Backyard :)

Upcoming Events :)

Feb. 20 The Fair Get ready for games, prizes, and silly hats! (but no clowns allowed)

Mar. 6 New Penguin Style It’ll be a great show when these clothes hit the stage!

Furniture and Igloo Catalog: Member—make your igloo a part of the Fair!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until February 19.
Next pin hidden: February 20–March 5

Newsflash :)

Wacky theme parties pop up all over island thanks to mermaid, cowboy, and pirate costumes! Penguin Style catalog CHEATS :)

Ask Rookie :)

Why do you keep ordering things in the mail? – Cat Alogg
Hey Cat! I know I messed up with those cursed candies, and the anvils before that. But it’s totally different this time! These prizes don’t seem cursed at all! The Fair was already on the way and I just helped it be super-extra-exciting! It’s like all the good parts of the Fair, PLUS a theme park. Wait until you see the Space Squid, Marooned Lagoon, and the Wagon Wheel! Me and rubber ducky are all over this, Cat. You won’t be disappointed.

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Missing Arcade Machine :)

By Aunt Arctic - Hello secret-hunters! The unplugged arcade machine has gone missing from the Arcade. This is concerning, since no one really knows what it does. Even Gary isn’t sure what will happen when the machine is turned on. I suspect it may have been pulled into Rookie’s whirlwind plans for the Fair. Keep an eye out and write into the paper if you see it. We need to know—is it going to spark and explode, or is it a game that will really pull you in?

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 433 :)

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