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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Online Safety – It Starts With You :)

Online Safety – It Starts With You :)

Since the beginning, Club Penguin’s made online safety a priority - we believe kids should know how to stay safe online.

Take our safety quiz in Club Penguin for an instant reward! First, click on Take Quiz! Then, log in and select the Clipboard in the top right of your screen.

Online Safety Tips for Kids :)

Online can be an amazing place if everyone’s respectful, speaks up, and stays safe.

Be Cool :)

Be Cool Online — Respect Others

  • Treat people how you want to be treated
  • Avoid words that might offend others
  • If you wouldn't say it out loud, don't say it online

Club Penguin is Committed to Safety

  • There are filters to help block inappropriate chat
  • There are tons of crazy emotes to help express yourself

Be Heard :)

Be Heard Online — Speak Up

  • If you see anything you're not comfortable with, tell someone you trust right away
  • Don’t share personal info with anyone
  • Make sure your parents know what you're doing online

Club Penguin is Committed to Safety

  • There are moderators around the clock to help keep you safe
  • If someone’s breaking the rules, click the M on your Player Card
  • You can ignore/block another penguin anytime you want

Be Safe :)

Be Safe Online — Protect Personal Info

  • Keep your name, age, address, phone number, and school top secret
  • Only share passwords with parents - don't even tell your best friends!
  • Pick usernames that don't give away personal info

Club Penguin is Committed to Safety

  • To keep safe, we don't allow players to type numbers
  • Moderators approve all penguin names

Safety Pledge :)

Download and Take Our Safety Pledge

Online Safety Tips for Parents :)

Just like in the real world, your child's online experiences are better when you're aware, curious, and engaged.

Be Aware :)

  • Install filters to protect your child from inappropriate websites.
  • Keep tabs on your child’s internet use. Make sure you know what sites your child visits, how much time he or she spends on them, and whom your child is communicating with.

Be Curious :)

  • Set limits for screen time to have a balance with real world connections.
  • Put the family computer in a public place in your home, such as a kitchen or family room, to encourage an open dialogue and discourage unwanted online behavior.
  • Consider not allowing your child to have any connected devices, such as a smartphone, laptop computer, or tablet, in private areas of your home, like a bedroom or bathroom.

Be Engaged :)

  • Keep the conversation going. Start talking with your child at an early age about online use and continue the dialogue as your child gets older.
  • Know any passwords that your child uses, and explain that they shouldn’t be shared with friends.

Downloads :)

Parents, Help Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Use these tips and tools to help show your kids how to be cool, be heard, and be safe online.

Parent Tips PDF

Certificate of Completion PDF

Online Safety Poster PDF

…More info on these posts: Scholastic and Club Penguin Anti-Bullying Campaign :) And Club Penguin Safety Quiz :)

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