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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 438!

Perform around the world! CP Air operation manual!

Perform around the world!

Travel the world and stay grounded. By Cadence — Wanna live like an international superstar when the Muppets World Tour hits? I’m gonna break it down so u’ll never feel out of place, even if ur halfway ’round the world!

Whether ur rocking the mic or showing off ur moves on the floor, u gotta know ur audience! Before the show, go hang with ur new peeps. Find out what they listen 2, the biggest dance craze, and maybe their fave snack. Learn how to say a few words in their language. Good ones to know are “Hello”, “Good night!”, and “Ice cold!” After u WOW the crowd with ur act, ur gonna want to get ready for the next gig. A touring star doesn’t get much rest! That’s why it’s important to pack light. When I tour, I only bring seven or eight suitcases! IKR? But u gotta keep it 2 the essentials. That’s it for Cadence’s tour tips! Keep it real. I know you’re all gonna be EPIC on stage!

CP Air operation manual!

(He is named after a jet pack, of course he can fly planes.) By Jet Pack Guy — Listen up! We’ve got flights taking off. You need to know the regulations before you’re airborne.

• Pilots, your job is to fly well and keep your passengers safe.

• Passengers, listen to your pilot!

• Check your instruments before take off

• No bumpy landings!

• No stunt-flying (That means no buzzing the Lighthouse!)

Passengers always remember a great pilot. Follow the rules and you’ll be a veteran too.

Upcoming Events :)

Mar. 20 The Muppets! Warm up those vocal cords and get out the tap shoes!

Mar. 28 The Finale Show! Perform with ALL the touring Muppets at the Stage!

On now! Furniture and Igloo Catalog.Time to set the stage in your iggy!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until March 19.
Next pin hidden: March 20—April 2


Muppet masks are the new craze at talent shows all over the island!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

That wasn’t really a question, Fuzz. But I’m happy to tell you how the performances work. Each Muppet will set up an act in a different country. I hear rumors there will be pie throwing in Germany! When you visit, you can rehearse that act with a partner. Travel the world and master all the acts together! There will be a grand finale as well! It’ll be splendid to see everyone perform on the big stage. I know you can’t say “good luck” to performers (it’s actually bad luck for them), instead you say “break a leg”. So, break a leg everyone!

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Jet Pack Adventure Tips :)

Want to practice your flying skills? Good. Head to Jet Pack Adventure at the Lighthouse. If you need a wingman, bring a green puffle. They’ll fly around and grab coins. More importantly, it’ll dive for the nearest fuel can if you’re running low. Master the jet pack and prove penguins can fly.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 437!

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