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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 440!

Finale Sneak Peek! Bunsen and Beaker visit Gary’s Lab!

Finale Sneak Peek!

Almost time to light the lights! By Cadence — Check it! I gotta sneak peek of the finale show and it’s AMAZING! I knew the Muppets could put on a show, but this one is BANANAS! Ur gonna be hitting the Stage in the Plaza, with all the Muppets! SHOW TIME!

Right now NOTHING happens when I try to click on anything to read more…BUG! UPDATE: This Bug is now fixed :)

First off, the set is looking GORGEOUS—it’s showing off that classic style. When u get there, ur going to get a special gift from Kermit. He’s totally ICE! Not just putting on a show but handing out swag at the door! Then it’s time to hit the stage! Or take in the wicked show ur friends are putting on. Or BOTH! When ur in the spotlight, perform whatever Muppets acts u want. Mix it up with some jokes or dances. Remember to make it unique. The coolest part about watching ur shows is the crazy ideas u all come up with. Where else r you gonna see a talking squid do a duet with an outback explorer!? So rock ur spot on the Stage. U earned it! Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

Bunsen and Beaker visit Gary’s Lab!

A meeting of scientific minds. By Aunt Arctic — Gary the Gadget Guy gave a tour of his lab to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker from Muppet Labs. Like Gary, Bunsen lets curiosity get the better of him sometimes. I was concerned when I saw them tinkering on a Toaster 3000 together. It turns out my fears were well-placed. After the fires were put out, the three collaborated on ideas for electric paper clips. At the end of the tour, Gary regretted not being able to show them more. He said, “My newest discoveries are quite astounding! But they’re from the future so I have some concerns...” I tried to ask Gary more, but he began discussing his Paper Clip 3000 plans. Apparently it increases the paper holdiness by 98.3%!

Upcoming Events :)

Apr. 1 Muppets Wish bon voyage to The Muppets!

Apr. 3 The Stage The plays return with Battle of the Ancient Shadows!

Apr. 3 Penguin Style Puffletastic fashions hit the Clothes Shop!

Mar. 28: Don’t miss your curtain call at the big show!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until April 2.
Next pin hidden: April 3—16


Catch performances at a theater igloo near you before the big finale!

Ask Dot :)

What is your favorite act? – Thea Turr
I’m such a drama buff! I’ve been watching all the acts backstage, usually disguised as a bench! It’s really hard to choose a favorite. Each performer puts their own spin on the performances. Plus, we get to watch them in all these international venues. It’s so dramatic! But you asked for my favorite, and I have to give you a real answer! I’ll go with Walter’s tap dance number. Seeing duos of dancers on the cricket pitch in India will always make me smile. I’m also looking forward to the finale. Maybe that one will end up in my top spot!

Dot learns from Gonzo’s acting technique.

I was very lucky to get to interview one of the great performers of all time: Gonzo!
Dot: So, your acts always push boundaries. What drives you to try out new artistic expressions?
Gonzo: Art and doing daring-do is who I am. I love to watch the audience gasp when I fly out of a cannon or go “ewww” when I start dancing in oatmeal!  It never gets old.
Dot: And where do you find your ideas? You always come up with such incredible plans.
Gonzo: Thank you, Dot! I try to do what’s never been done—and I soon find out why no body else did it, cause it hurts. But I’ll do anything for art. The only thing that stops me are the insurance people!
Dot: Thanks so much for joining me, Gonzo. Where can we find you right now?
Gonzo: I'm going to be in Spain showing a piece I call "Bulls Chase Matador". And then I'll be at the Stage for the finale on March 28!

Secrets Classified All About Miss Piggy!

Miss Piggy is perhaps the biggest personality in the Muppets. You can catch her in the UK with her duet singing act. Here are some interesting facts about the star:

  • Very skilled in karate. She’s a graduate of combination Charm School and Karate Dojo
  • She is rarely without her entourage…or her frog
  • Speaks French…or at least the words “moi” and “vous”

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 439!

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