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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

Disney’s Muppets World Tour Takeover Club Penguin 2014 is here and this Party is an ad for the Muppets Most Wanted Movie! On this post you will find links to all the FREE items, Surprises, Help Guides, Walkthrough Tutorials and Secrets during this promotion attack on our world! If you wonder why I don’t like Advertise Parties you will find the answer in this post Disney! STOP destroying Club Penguin! Kermit: Hi ho! Kermit here! The Muppets World Tour is on! We’ve heard there are great performers here. We’d sure love to have you at the big finale…

…Go to each country and perform an act to audition. Later, we can all meet up for the big finale. It’s gonna be a great show for everyone! Yaaay! Click on OK…

…Click on the Passport: Throw a Cream Pie and Fly to Germany and Find Fozzie! Click on Find Fozzie…

…Now I’m in Germany :) Hi Fozzie!

…Members can now Equip the FREE Cream Pie item :) Wear this item and press D to look for a partner. Click on this (Pie emote) to join other performer’s act. Fozzie: Hiya! Fozzie Bear here with one of my all-time favorite slapstick shticks-cream pie throwing! It’s time to prove you’re the cream of the crop! Ahhh! Funn-ee! Wocka! Wocka! Ok…

…After throwing the Pie on someone you can collect the Alpine Hat item! TIPS! If Non Members join into the pie throwing by clicking on a members pie throwing emote they can earn the Alpine Hat too :) You have Completed the Fist Act come back March 21, 2014 to perform next!

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Anonymous said...

Saraapril, I totally agree with you on the fact that Disney is destroying Club Penguin. STOP advertise Parties now Disney!

Unknown said...

Saraapril, think of it this way. This is the perfect time for members such as myself, to show appreciation to all our fellow non-members! And to show that we are all the same! :)

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