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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Saraapril Games - Hidden Items :)

Hidden Items :) Now when the Command Room is finished my Elite Puffle Flare thought that we Agents needed some training and he has hidden Five items in the Forest...Can you find them?

…Leave your answer as a comment and I will post them Tomorrow :)

Saraapril Games :)


Anonymous said...

Microphone, lava lamp, spider, Christmas bells, and a purple cauldron?

Anonymous said...

I find a Lava Lamp, a mike, a spider, two bells and a mushroom

Dolly55159 said...

I found a spider, a bell, a microphone, a lamp and a purple mushroom (I think it is a mushroom). Is that all correct Saraapril?

3chu said...

I found a lava lamp, a spider hanging from a tree, a mushroom(?) with a star on it, a microphone on a stand, and some holiday bells!

Anonymous said...

I found:
1. A Mike
2. A bell
3. A spider
4. A purple cushion with star on it
5. An orange lamp

That's all.
Have a good day,

Anonymous said...

A lava lamp, mushroom, microphone, bell (or whatever that red thingy is) and a spider. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Pinky28565 said...

I found a lava lamp,a microphone,a mushroom,a bell,and a thing hanging on a tree.

Thruthenite said...

I found:
- A microphone
- A lava lamp
- Some kind of starry pink mushroom?
- Bells
- A hanging spider
^^ Great challenge, Saraapril!!!

Unknown said...

Microphone, Spider, Mushroom, Bell, and i think a soda can? I dont know the last one
-Kendall A423

chaseo965 said...

My answer: The lava lamp, mushroom, microphone, bells, and the spider.

Unknown said...

I found the:
Lava Lamp
and Bells

Anonymous said...

Very well hide Saraapril!!!

julian18861 said...

lava lamp,spider,mushroom,microphone,bells are those all of them saraapril

Bubblesducky said...

Red Lava Lamp, Microphone, Purple Mushroom and Bells?

Anonymous said...

Lava lamp, mushroom, spider, bell, and microphone

Glenda sos1 said...

Hi saraapril...I love your blog!
I found a microphone,a spider,a mushroom,a christmas ornament and a lava lamp.
Waddle On!

kannoo said...

from Kannoo:
Red lava lamp, mushroom, microphone, the xmas bells thing, and the hanging spider

Unknown said...

red bell , microphone , orange lamp , purple mushroom with a star on top , and a black thing hanging on a tree (left) . by the way im rahuldc9 .

Anonymous said...

a lava lamp ,a mic,a mushroom,some wierd bell sorta looking thing and a spider

Xanthis said...

Lava Lamp, Star thing, MIC, Bell, and that bat like thing.

Anonymous said...

I found the bells, spider, microphone, mushroom with the star, and the lava lamp. Just wanted to tell you that I love the mini games you have, the are so much fun!

Unknown said...

microphone is one

Gooy55 said...

Orange thing at the bottom,microphone on the left, black thing at the top left, and purple mushroom on the right.

AvrilLaving2 said...

Orange lava lamp, Christmas bells, short mushroom (purple with stars on it), hanging spider, and a microphone.

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