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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Club Penguin Characters :)

I like the Original Club Penguin Characters :) Original Club Penguin Characters = The Characters that are created directly for our Snow Covered Online world :) Here is a lexicon of who is who and what they do in Disney Club Penguin Island  :)

Captain Rockhopper :)

"Arr! So there I was... it be a Tuesday..."

Rockhopper is a pirate captain who comes and goes from Club Penguin, sailing the seas with his puffle Yarr in search of treasure and adventure.

Favorite snacks: Stinky Cheese and Cream Soda

Favorite game: Treasure Hunt

Why you should meet him: To hear one of his tall tales of adventure and collect rare treasure

Where you might find him: Aboard the Migrator, at the Pizza Parlor, or wandering around the island on a pirate parade

When the captain is visiting, his ship is docked at the Beach, next to the Lighthouse. If Rockhopper is on his way to visit, you'll be able see his ship coming through the telescope.

Random fact: Rockhopper built his own pirate ship, the Migrator.

You can find out more about Rockhopper's adventures by reading his journal in the Club Penguin Times Office. Or ask the captain when he comes to visit!

Aunt Arctic :)

"Whether you’re writing the news, or making the news, always do your best."

Aunt Arctic is the Chief Editor and advice columnist for the Club Penguin Times. Every week she answers questions sent to her by penguins from around the island.

Favorite snack: Tea and scones

Favorite games: Mancala and Find Four

Why you should meet her: To tell her a story about your adventures in Club Penguin

Where you might find her: In the Coffee Shop or the Club Penguin Times Office

Random facts:

  • She has an entire wardrobe full of pink beanies
  • She first started writing for the newspaper in May 2006
  • She loves trivia, and getting the scoop on the island's parties and events

How to write to Aunt Arctic: To send Aunt Arctic a question, or to help contribute to the newspaper by submitting your jokes or riddles, go to the back page of the newspaper.

The Director :)

"Be resourceful. Be remarkable. Be ready."

The Director is the head of the Elite Penguin Force. Agents receive orders from the Director through their Spy Phones.

No further questions.

Top Secret: The Director of the EPF is…Video :)

Gary the Gadget Guy :)


Gary is a prolific and eccentric inventor. He leads a double-life as the brilliant gear specialist G, a high-ranking Elite Penguin Force Agent.

Favorite snack: Fish dish pizza

Favorite game: Chess

Why you should meet him: To learn about dinosaurs, space, and medieval times or conduct experiments together.

Where you might find him: Keep an eye out for Gary at any scientific event on the island.

Random facts:

The Penguin Band :)

"Hey guys, I've been working on some new sounds."

The Penguin Band played their first gig as a full band at the 2006 Western Party - and they've been rocking out ever since!

The Penguin Band has four members:

  • Stompin' Bob - Hard-rocking guitarist. He's extremely loyal and incredibly intense.
  • G Billy - Strong silent drummer. He's the founding member and grounding force of the band.
  • Petey K - Plays every instrument under the sun. He's got boundless energy and brings crazy humor to the band.
  • Franky - Lead singer and piano player. He's obsessive about sounds, mixing and fixing instruments. He brings energy and brains to the band.

Why you should meet them: To jam together and tell them about the band you've started!

Where you might find them: The Penguin Band can be hard to meet. You may spot them playing concerts during music parties.

Music: The Penguin Band has release several songs:

  • Anchor's Aweigh
  • Ghosts Just Wanna Dance (with DJ Cadence)
  • Cool in the Cold (with DJ Cadence)
  • Gotta Have a Wingman (with DJ Cadence)

Tips: Read the Book “Franky’s First Show” at the Club Penguin Times Office :)


Once a Penguin named Bambadee hide on the Migrator and when Rockhopper found him they become friends :) You can read about this Story in the Book “Rockhopper and the Stowaway” that you will find at the Bookshelf at the Club Penguin Times Office :) In that Book you will also find a FREE item :) Bambadee is a very good Friend and he helped Rockhopper and Yarr to bring rare plants to the Adventure Party 2009 :)


Rory is a very helpful and kind Penguin that works with all the constructions that are going on around Club Penguin :) If something breaks down and needs to be repaired or if a Party needs to be prepared you can always count on Rory to be there :)

Rookie :)

Rookie is an earnest, but sometimes fumbling secret agent whose good intentions rarely go to plan. He brings a special gift to the EPF squad - he can speak fluent crab.

Rookie's called into action for PSA and EPF missions, like the top secret Operation: Herbert's Revenge. He's always eager to protect the island, even if he sometimes makes mistakes.

Favorite snack: Sardines and jam sandwich.

Favorite game: Hide and Seek

Why you should meet him: There's never a dull moment with Rookie around. He's always up for a good laugh.

Where you can find him: Rookie can be hard to track down when he's visiting. You can always try the school or the silliest place at the party.

Random facts:

Jet Pack Guy :)

"Alright everyone. We do this by the book."

Jet Pack Guy is a straight-laced secret agent who muscles his way through life. He protects the island with a fearless resolve. He encourages agents to stay sharp and work hard.

Favorite snack: Hardtack

Favorite game: Jet Pack Adventure

Where you might find him: Jet Pack Guy is often away on EPF missions and is rarely seen in Club Penguin.

Random facts:

  • Despite not being superstitious, he always wears a 'lucky' tie
  • He's never seen without his jet pack
  • He's won the "Sharpest Dressed Agent" award four out of five times

Dot - The Disguise Gal :)

"I was never here. Agreed?"

Dot is an agile agent who specializes in disguises and never loses her cool. She is the backbone of the EPF team, who can lead a mission with steel and style.

Favorite snack: Tuna Surprise

Favorite game: Hide and Seek

Where you might find her: Dot has yet to be spotted wandering around Club Penguin. She's that good with her disguises...

Random facts:

  • She created the "Klutzy" disguise so agents could infiltrate Herbert's Hideout in Operation Blackout
  • She saved former PSA agents from a popcorn explosion in the mission "Veggie Villain"
  • She likes to create low-tech disguises
  • She loves the Stage and has reviewed plays for the Club Penguin Times

Sensei :)

Sensei is a powerful ninja who mentors his students in the ancient art of Card-Jitsu. He trains them so that they may master the elements of Fire, Water, and Snow at the Dojo.

Favorite snack: Sushi

Favorite game: Card-Jitsu

Why you should meet him: To hear his wisdom and learn how to master the elements

Where you might find him: If you wish to train in Card-Jitsu, you can find him at the Dojo

Random facts:

  • He is rumored to have many powers including invisibility and control over the elements
  • He is said to be the oldest of all penguins on the island
  • His once friend Tusk, has become his greatest enemy, and threatens all ninjas

How to become a ninja: If you think you're ready to become a ninja, use your map to journey to the Dojo. There, seek out Sensei to begin training in the ancient art of Card-Jitsu.

Cadence :)

"The party starts now!"

Cadence is a passionate singer, world-famous DJ, and epic choreographer. She loves to express herself and be the center of attention, taking the party with her wherever she goes.

Favorite snack: Grapefruit

Favorite games: DJ3K and Dance Contest

Why you should meet her: There's always a party when Cadence is around. Ask her to help you improve your moves or start a flashmob!

Where you might find her: Cadence spends most of her time putting on Dance Contests at the Dance Club. And if there's a music event in Club Penguin, you can bet that Cadence will make an appearance at the party hotspots.

Random fact: Her purple puffle is named Lolz, because she brings the lolz!

Music: Cadence has released several singles:

  • The Party Starts Now!
  • Ghosts Just Wanna Dance (with The Penguin Band)
  • Cool in the Cold (with The Penguin Band)
  • Gotta Have a Wingman (with The Penguin Band)
  • Party in My Iggy

PH - The Puffle Handler :)

"The wilderness is calling!"

PH is a wilderness and puffle expert. She has an infectious enthusiasm for adventure and lives for new puffle discoveries. She often gets into dangerous situations but always uses her training to get herself out.

Favorite snack: O'berries

Favorite game: Puffle Round Up

Why you should meet her: She'll teach your puffle a new trick and tell you about her latest discovery.

Where you might find her: When not out exploring the Wilds, PH can most often be found in the Pet Shop or Puffle Hotel

Random facts:

Herbert P. Bear, Esquire :)

"MWAHAHA! Look alive Elite Penguin FOOLS!"

Herbert was stranded on Club Penguin while looking for a warm place to live. He's grumpy, selfish, and unexpectedly, a vegetarian. He hates snow, noise, and penguins and often comes up with complex plans to thwart all three. He is the island's most notorious villain and his trusty sidekick, Klutzy the Crab, never leaves his side.

Favorite snack: Seaweed Pizza

Favorite game: Mind Games

Why you should meet him: To foil his evil plans

Where you might find him: Herbert is usually in his lair plotting something, but he occasionally appears on the island to remind everyone how brilliant he is.

Random facts:

Tips: Play the PSA Missions to learn more :)

Klutzy the Crab :)

Klutzy is Herbert's lackey. He's fiercely loyal and a happy-go-lucky crustacean. The EPF considers him considered highly suspicious and somewhat adorable.

Klutzy once helped the EPF save the island from sinking! And may or may not have been involved in a few other of Herbert's failures to warm up the island.

Favorite snack: Leftover fish

Favorite game: Catch

Where you might find him: Klutzy has been spotted helping Herbert in System Defender. Agents can use the Spy Phone to teleport to the Command Room---and protect the EPF mainframe by clicking on the System Defender computer.

Random facts:

  • He loves puffles
  • He saved Herbert from drowning
  • He likes playing video games

Ultimate Protobot 10K :)

"Surrender, or be destroyed."

The original Ultimate Protobot 10K was created by the Test Bots. He was made from various parts and items from around Club Penguin, including speakers, Aqua Grabber Claws, the Ticket Booth, and a Mine Cart. He has been destroyed and rebuilt several times.

His goals are the assimilation of all technology and the destruction of the Elite Penguin Force.

Tusk :)

"How long can you last against my Snow Minions?!"

Tusk was trapped beneath the snow for years and trained to become the supreme master of Snow. He is Sensei's one-time childhood friend, now ultimate enemy, and seeks revenge and recognition as the most powerful ninja.

Favorite snack: Swordfish Steak (rare)

Favorite game: Card-Jitsu Snow

Why you should meet him: To defeat him in battle and bring balance to the elements

Where you might find him: Ninjas who wish to help defeat Tusk must first speak to Sensei at the Dojo and learn the ways of the ninja.

Random facts:

  • To defeat Sensei, he has built Snow Minions and sends them into battle against the ninjas
  • Weighs more than a two ton truck
  • Sensei uses his missing tusk as a walking stick

Tips: Card-Jitsu Saga “Sensei and Tusk” Video :)

…If you want to know what’s going on in Club Penguin you will find the answer to that on this link: Club Penguin :)


Anonymous said...

I love all of them but Aunt Artic and Cadence is my favorite!
who's yours? :D

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I like!

Anonymous said...

I love all of these characters but Rookie, Gary, Sensei and Herbert are my favourites!!!

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