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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 441 :)

Stowaways on the Migrator! Bravo on the Finale!

Stowaways on the Migrator!

A stinky cheese shortage on the high seas! By Rockhopper — Avast, me hearties! Me supplies be runnin' out faster than I thought! I be makin' port at Club Penguin on April 10. Come out and visit the Migrator while she's docked!

It be a Tuesday, and I be gettin' mighty hungry after searchin' for treasure. When I went to me hold, I saw nothin' but crumbs where me stinky cheese should be! I searched the rest o' me hold, and me crow's nest, and me own captain's quarters, but I only be findin' more crumbs. Meows and barks be comin' from somewheres, but I not be seein' any animals. I think Yarr be savvy to somethin', but he not be tellin' me. By me beard, I be thinkin' thar be stowaways on me ship! I not be findin' 'em yet, but maybe when I be landin' at Club Penguin they be showin' 'emselves. Puffle Dog Sneak Peek Video :) Puffle Cat Sneak Peek :)

Bravo on the Finale!

No biz like show biz! By Cadence — That was ICE COLD, guys! U rocked it with the Muppets! It was literally an honor to have them here. I think we showed 'em just how CP parties! I still can't believe we got to sing with Miss Piggy, drum with Animal, and explode with Bunsen and Beaker! Plus, u all brought ur own style to the show, and it was EPIC! I LOVED seeing the performances at the Muppets Theater. Me and Dot were totally LOLing in the stands when we came to see the shows. Let's wish The Muppets TONS of luck on their next gig. Cadence OUT! Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

Upcoming Events :)

Apr. 17 Puffle Park A place for puffles to play! Puffle Park Sneak Peek :)

Apr. 17 Get your puffles ready! Celebrate all the new puffles at Puffle Party 2014

Apr. 10: Members can get the new Tree House Igloo!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until April 16.
Next pin hidden: April 17—30

Newsflash :)

New health trend hitting Club Penguin! More smoothies need smashing at the Coffee Shop!

Ask Sensei :)

Were you the first ninja? – Stew Dent
No, grasshopper. Just as I teach ninjas, so too was I taught by a sensei. But this was long ago. I never thought I would be a teacher. I was only interested in friends and eating excellent rice with hot sauce. So I left my fellow students to travel far and wide. But then they faced a great danger, and I was called to help by my ninja brethren. We sealed away the dangerous force, and only then did I become a sensei. Now I train ninjas in case that danger comes again. Like the calm before
A ninja must be ready
For a sudden storm

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Card-Jitsu Strategy

By Sensei - To master Card-Jitsu and attain your black belt, you must learn to be one with the cards. But, a few good tips won't hurt either:

  • Watch the cards your opponent has already won.If they have both snow and fire, water is not far behind!
  • Never give up. You gain progress even if you lose. But if you quit, you will gain nothing.
  • Read the abilities of the power cards. These can turn the tide of a game!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 440!

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