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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 443 :)

Puffle Flip for Tricks! Rockhopper back at the Sea!

Puffle Flip for Tricks!

Looks like Pete is still untrainable! By PH — Welcome to the Puffle Party everyone! This has gotta be my favorite. There are new cat and dog puffles, a puffle park, and now tricks as well! It’s a puffle-palooza! Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 CHEATS :)

Do you have a puffle that just loves going out for walks? Or maybe you’ve adopted a blue border collie and you’re having trouble even keeping up with it! Well, I reckon you should try doing tricks with ’em. Come to the Pet Shop and I’ll get you all set up. You’ll be a right clever puffle whisperer in no time! Tricks give puffles another activity where they can burn off energy, so it’s perfect for the rambunctious ones. Once you get the hang of the tricks, bring your puffle to one of the special huts spread around the island. You can meet up with other puffle party-goers and claim a prize. You’ll want to rehearse with your pets for the puffle gala on April 24!

Rockhopper back at the Sea!

He hopes to fill his hold with treasure this time. By Rockhopper — Thank ye all fer yer help with those puffles! The Migrator be shipshape, now that those scallywag stowaways be gone. It be great to be sailin’ the seas again, searchin’ fer treasure, with only me first mate Yarr by me side. A special thanks be goin’ to PH, the Puffle Handler. The lass brought the puffles off o’ me ship and into the Pet Shop. I don’t know how she be doin’ it. Those puffles be listen’ to her like she be their cap’n! She be doin’ such a good job, perhaps I be namin’ an island after her. Paige Island be havin’ a nice ring to it. It should be the island where I found those puffles! That be a sharp idea! ‘Course, I have to be findin’ that island again! Har har!

Upcoming Events :)

On now Puffle Park Grand opening! Bring your puffles!

May 8 Penguin Style Future fashions hit Club Penguin!

May 8 The Stage Planet Y beams down fun!

May 1: Special Event—Funny Hat Week at the Dock!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until April 30.
Next pin hidden: May 1–14

Newsflash :)

PH will be visiting throughout the Puffle Party to help you learn tricks! Keep your eyes peeled! When to meet PH CHEATS April 2014 in Club Penguin :)

Ask P.H. :)

Are the cat and dog puffles tame? – Kit Tens
Absolutely! They’re as happy to live in an igloo as any puffle. In fact, I think they snuck aboard Rockhopper’s ship because they wanted to find some new friends. I heard from a certain red puffle that the cat and dogs couldn’t wait for the ship to get to Club Penguin! Just like when we met the dino puffles, these little guys get along with all the other puffles on the island (well, most of the time). They have a lot of energy and curiosity is all. So to keep ’em healthy and happy, they’ll need exercise like walks and puffle tricks.

It’s a whole new world for you and your puffle.

How do I get my puffles to do tricks? – Lyon Tamer
G’day Lyon! It’s all about learning to communicate with your puffle. You gotta make sure you’re in tune with ’em, and then you’ll have no problems. Tell you what, come by the Pet Shop, during the party, and I’ll give you an intro to the new trick emotes. We’ll get you doing tricks in no time. I like to start with the “speak” command, but you can go with whatever one you like. Remember that you’re training yourself as much as your pet. Once you get the hang of it, they’ll be doing tricks right quick. Oh, you gotta remember that your puffle can only dig every once in a while. That trick works like a beaut, but it can tucker the little guys out. Hope you have fun at the party, and write into the paper if you got any more questions.

Secrets Classified Pufflescape Tips :)

Are you looking to explore the underground? Then take a puffle into Pufflescape for fun adventure! Here are some hints to make your journey easier:

  • Tap the right or left keys lightly if you only need to move your puffle a little bit
  • Click icon in the top left corner to show cheats
  • If you can’t work out a solution, try swapping bits of scenery around—there might be another way!
  • Don’t worry about making a mistake and restarting—your puffle is as patient as you are!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 442 :)

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