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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tour Guide Muppets World Tour Club Penguin 2014!

Here is a Tour of the Muppets World Tour Takeover Club Penguin!

…Town: This is England Look at the landmarks like the Museum Where you can see  an exhibit of valuable items and you can pick up new clothes If you need a rest sit down for a nice cuppa tea…

…Gift Shop: Welcome to the Museum with treasures from around the world Observe wonders of the past or the sparkling jewels that are under tight security!

…Dock: Welcome to Mexico This quaint square has classic colored buildings a picnic table for outdoor meals and a pinata ready to whack!

…Beach: Welcome to France Sit at the café and enjoy an espresso and the view of the Arc de Triumph and the Eiffel Tower While you're here enjoy the fresh bread or have an artist paint your portrait…

…Ski Village: Now we're in Russia! Feel free to have a skate or check out the Kremlin Clock where you can get your own tour hat! This aerial tram will take you to the Ski Hill…

…Stadium: Welcome to India! On the left you'll see the majestic Taj Mahal and an amazing bazaar To the right is a cricket pitch so you can play India's favorite game…

…Snow Forts: Welcome to Spain Listen to the sound of flamenco or enjoy some tapas Take a stroll and take in the architecture but watch out for running bulls!

…Plaza: Here we are in Hollywood The stars live and work here You might see them exercising their puffle at the hotel grabbing a slice at the Pizza Parlor or performing for their fans Head up to the Airport to catch a flight!

…This is the Airport with flights going all over the world Board through the bottom gate to fly to a country Or board through the top gate to fly on a CP Airlines flight…

…Stage: This is what we call The Muppet Stage! Welcome to the finale! Perform your act and bring down the house! Or cheer on other performers!

How does the man in the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it!
I didn't know how lightning worked... But then it struck me!
What do Constantine ... and the Swedish Chef... have in common? They're known for their capers!
What did the actress say... when saw her first gray hair? I think I'll dye!
Houdini used trap doors for a while... he was going through a stage!
What do you get from a cow and a duck? Milk and quackers!
When do you put a sweater on a hotdog? When it's a chili dog!
What do you call... a penguin with a lightbulb in its beak? Lightheaded!
Someone asked me... Did you take a bath today? and I said... Why is there one missing?

…Forest: This is Germany It has a charming countryside cobblestone streets and even a castle! To the left is the impressive Brandenburg Gate Grab a pretzel and explore this country…

…Cove: Here we are in Brazil! With beautiful beaches and fantastic music it's hard not to party here! Play a game of volleyball or check out the gorgeous buildings…

Safe Chat Quick Messages:
The Muppets World Tour!
Wocka wocka wocka
Bork Bork Bork
Meep meep meep
Time for moi to take the stage
My plane is leaving!
Get on my plane!
Go to the airport!

…ALL our facial emotes are MUPPETS! I like Special Party emotes BUT I DON’T like when I can’t make a normal Smile!

…There are special effects in some of the rooms so have FUN finding them :) You can also as always during a Party earn Special Stamps :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!


Gooy55 said...

I agree with the emotes they are ugly

Gooy55 said...

Though, I do like the barf one. It is funny.

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