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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 448!

Defenders from the past! Time Tourists best picks!

Defenders from the past!

Time travelers here to help. By Reportbot 3000 — Reportbot here! Looks like our troubles are over, citizens. Defenders from 2014 have come out of the time portal! With robos and jetpacks, they’re going to destroy the meteors! Blast Off!

My holographic inbox tells me that many of us are worried about the damage Protobot has already caused. Gary 3000 sent out a call for help, and the year 2014 has answered. Now we’ll be able to push back that rogue robot and save the island! Right now, Gary 3000 is getting the new pilots geared up. Some are already blasting off into space. Remember, all of our technology seems very advanced to our visitors. They probably don’t even have an Intergalactic Zoo in their time! Make sure to help them equip their gear. Together we can save the island! Future Party 2014 CHEATS Club Penguin!

Time Tourists best picks!

Lots has changed since the olden days! By Tourdude 3000 — New to our time line? Let me tell you about the trendiest hotspots on the island. First, you have to check out the zero gravity Dance Dome. You won't believe the moves you can pull off when you don't have to worry about a floor! After you work up an appetite, head over to the Blast-Off Bistro. Roboservers will get you a hexagon pizza and the best sushi in the Milky Way .Finally, don't leave without seeing the Robo Shop. There are painting robots that keep the robos looking trendy. They can be touchy though, so be nice or you might end up with a splotchy paint job!

Island Rumors!

Microbots Searching Club Penguin? Attention everyone! There have been sightings of sneaky microbots on our island. They could be looking for the secret technology that Protobot wants. UP10K may be launching them from space just like the meteors. Stay sharp and don’t let any past you if you’re up in orbit!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until May 28.
Next pin hidden: May 29–June 11


Spring colors for robos arrive at the Robo Shop!

Ask Gary 3000!

What happened to the Extra-Planetary Federation? – Ty M. Hopper
Due to a minor miscalculation in my plans, the EPF are away on another mission. They are dedicated to protecting the whole galaxy, not just Club Penguin, so they aren’t always able to help us. Unfortunately, Protobot chose this exact time to attack. But, thanks to a colleague in the past, we have new recruits. Our pre-present friends will help us hold off the dreaded Protobot until the EPF return from their mission. When the EPF come back on June 3, we will be able to close the time portal. Of course I’d like to leave it open, but we risk a temporal catastrophe!

GARY 3000 Continued Improved, modified, but not any nicer.

Why is Protobot attacking? –Rob O.
He wants our secret space travel technology so he can control all the planets in the galaxy. That’s his goal with all these meteors. He is attempting to wear down our defenses and make us give up the secret. To do so would be disastrous. Ultimate Protobot 10K thinks his lack of fear or compassion makes him better than penguins. But, he would simply destroy our planet and then move on to the next!

Secrets Classified Meteor Blasting!

By Gary 3000 - Hello all new pilots! I’m not much a pilot myself, so I’ve analyzed the most common scenarios encountered in space and created some tips:

  • Slow down and aim when there are several small meteors. If you miss, you might not get another shot before velocity carries them away.
  • Facing a titanic meteor? Fire as fast as you can with your squad. Once it splits in half, try to split up your shots as well!
  • Dodge the dangers! Your jetpacks and robos can fly out of the way of most obstacles.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 447!

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