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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 449!

Ultimate Protobot Attack! Traveling to the Past!

Ultimate Protobot Attack!

Launch all the things! By Gary 3000 — Pilots! Citizens! Time travelers! EVERYONE! The situation is critical. Protobot is here! Our best chance is to scramble every robo and jetpack we have!

I theorize that Protobot has closed in to make his meteors harder to intercept. But this means our plan has worked so far. He was unable to succeed from a distance, so he came closer. Now we have a chance to defeat him! Pilots from the past, you have helped us so much already... I must ask you to fly one more mission. Blast off and battle that mechanical menace! If we can stop him now, the island will be saved! Good luck!

Traveling to the Past!

Explore ancient Club Penguin. By Tourdude 3000 — Did you know the time portal works both ways? You can visit our distant past and see how our ancestors lived! Even time travelers are in a rush—you can’t see everything. So start with the places that don’t exist anymore!Stroll through the lush green Forest, or check out the Plaza, where there’s even an old-fashioned Stage. You may want to visit the first ever Penguin Cup, but you’ll be a bit too early for this historic occasion. The Stadium is still an ice rink, in fact. Still, you can’t beat this one-of-a-kind chance at a time vacation!

Upcoming Events!

Jun 3 Time Portal Closes Make sure you’re in the right time before you’re stuck!

Jun 12 Furniture and Igloo Catalog Hear the roar of the crowds in your own igloo!

Jun 5: Penguin Style—show your colors with these outfits!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 11.
Next pin hidden: June 12–25


DJ Squid Scratch throwing an end-of-the-world party at the Dance Dome!

Ask Gary 3000!

Can we keep the time portal open? – N. D. Past
Gadzooks! No, it’s much too dangerous. I might have considered the idea in my younger days, but not now. We have already lost parts of our island, and we have a whole galaxy to defend. Leaving the portal open creates the potential for quantum collapses. The timeline would be too unstable! Just imagine if Herbert P. Bear were to come through the portal into our time. His schemes could ruin everything! I will miss the curious visitors from the past, but this is the only way we can be safe. Despite any potential for entertainment, we must close the portal as scheduled on June 3.


Secrets Classified Defeating Ultimate Protobot!

By Gary 3000 - I have analyzed UP10K’s specifications. Erm... I mean I’ve figured out how we could beat his new form.

  • Get out of the way when you see the red targeting circles.
  • Damage any part of his body—don’t worry about aiming!
  • Blast the meteors he creates before they can harm Club Penguin.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 448!

More soon…

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