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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Future Party 2014 CHEATS Club Penguin!

Today is ANOTHER SAD day in Club Penguin’s history as we are thrown into ANOTHER WAR! This time the “Party” is located in the Future and we are attacked by the Ultimate Protobot! As a reporter I will tell you all about the Free items, write tutorials, and do my best to guide you through this stressful and sad futuristic event! Let’s hope we all survive this War the Disney Club Penguin staff has brought upon us!

UPDATE: When this “Party” was released it was FILLED with BUGS so basically nothing worked! These are now fixed and I can continue to make this post! Conclusion: Year 3000 the Club Penguin Team has STILL NOT learned how to release a Party without the usual BUGS! AMAZING!!!

Gary 3000: Welcome to the future. I’d show you around, but we have an emergency. Ultimate Protobot is launching meteors at us!

…Open this holo-comm to gear up for space. You’re all that stands between us and those meteors! Open Holo-comm…

Future Party items Catalog! Detail: The days when Protobot Incoming is scheduled is changed!

Gary 3000: Now you’re ready to blast off and take out meteors! Good luck, pilot! Click on Ok…OR Press “D” to fly into space…

…10 seconds in this game and I’m already BORED!!! Luckily I can just press “D” to leave :)

…YOU want a Tutorial? Sigh…Okay, Okay I will return to the mini game! This time I’m dressed in the Space Cadet Jetpack that EVERYONE can wear! Incoming Wave! Press “T” or “Snowball icon” to destroy targets and earn points…

…10 points earned…

Microbots will shoot at you…

…More Microbots…

…If you destroy the GIANT Meteor you will earn points quicker! GREAT! As soon I have earned the points for the Future items I can LEAVE this game! Throws snowball, Throws Snowball, Throws Snowball…DONE :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Saraapril c:

Rooks2 said...

This party isn't bright at all if you think about it. Half of the island is distroyed and all plants are replaced with holograms! This is not a bright future.

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