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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tour Guide - Club Penguin Future Party!

here is a Guided Tour of the Disney Club Penguin Future Party:
These Snow Forts are being used for Gary's time portal to the future! Jump in to travel through time. Maybe check out a robot tour?

…Welcome to the Forts. Watch out for meteor impacts! The time portal is active so you can go to the past! See how penguins used to live!

…Here is a Map of Future Club Penguin…

…Space tours are dangerous! There are meteors up here! Try to blast some if you can and let's move to a quieter spot…

…Enjoy the wonders of space here! Look at distant stars while you sip on space-coffee and talk about your missions…

…This is the heart of the island Enjoy zero G parties at the Dance Dome. Grab a snack at the Blast Off Bistro or pick up parts at the Robo Shop…

…Your one stop Robo Shop! Check out the newest tech or fix up your robo. Pilots are always working to make their robos better!

…Customize your robot! Try a new color anytime…

…Welcome to the Dance Dome! The world's only weightless dance club!

…Float to the beat while DJ Space Squid mixes the tunes!

Safe chat quick messages:

To the future
Let's blast off
Join my space squad
Incoming meteors!
Watch out for Protobot's attacks
Let's grab sushi at the Blast Off Bistro
Zero G party at the Dance Dome!
I'm gonna train at the Space Academy
I need more meteor points!
Robo dance party!

…Here at Blast Off Bistro they use the latest serverbots so you can enjoy the sushi sing on the stage or try the hexagon pizza!


How do space pilots tie their shoes? With astro-knots!
What kind of plates do they use in space? Flying saucers!
What's so great about astronaut food? It's out of this world!
How do you throw you a space party? You planet!
Why do robots go back to college Their skills get rusty!
What is a robot's favorite type of music? Heavy Metal!
How do planets get clean? Meteor showers!
Why was the robot angry? Because someone pushed its buttons!

…Here is the Interstellar Zoo. Where you can meet creatures from across the galaxy. Here are Zonks from Tremes V or were those Tremes from Zonk V?

…This is the Beach. Home of the Space Academy. Head inside to start training or to take the space elevator. Watch out for meteors it's like they aim for this place…

…This the Space Academy. Many train here so they can join the Extra Planetary Federation! Practice hitting meteors with snowballs or head to space from that elevator!

Future Party 2014 CHEATS Club Penguin!

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