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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 450 :)

Soccer Season Kick-Off! Mission Success!

Soccer Season Kick-Off!

Bust out the soccer kit, cleats, and your best skills! By Aunt Arctic — The Stadium is back! It’s one of those signs of summer. Like sardine ice cream or barbecues in the Cove. But I’m even more glad to see it this year, because we’re going to hold the first ever Penguin Cup! Find out more. Olé Olé Olé

We don’t have all the details yet, but from what I’ve learned, it’s going to be the biggest, most extravagant sports event the island has ever seen! Soccer is a wonderful sport that brings out our teamwork, our dedication, and our crazy fans. Clear your schedule because this is going to take up all of your time. So get your wildest fan costumes and lucky outfits ready—the Penguin Cup is on the way! The first games will start on June 19.

Mission Success!

Welcome home, pilots! By Gary the Gadget Guy — Gary 3000 told me you have defeated Protobot. Excellent work! You were more successful than I could have calculated. You see, I intercepted a transmission coming through the time portal just before it closed. It was sent from future Protobot, so I decoded it immediately. This is what it says: PROTOBOT 10K. ABANDON METEOR PLAN. RESULTS UNSATISFACTORY. It seems you stopped him so thoroughly, that he will never even attempt his plan! This is great news, but it does beg the question—where and when is Protobot now?

Upcoming Events :)

On now Penguin Style Official team jerseys now at the Clothes Shop!

June 12 Furniture and Igloo Catalog Soccer stadiums coming to an igloo near you!

June 18—Penguin Cup Tournament Which team will you root for?

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 11.
Next pin hidden: June 12–25


I’m in charge of packing up the time portal. Hope it fits in the Box Dimension! –Rookie

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Where do I buy sports equipment? – E. Kipmunt
Sounds like you’re getting ready for the Cup. We used to have a Sports Shop, but Gary got too busy to run it. Now, members can get sports equipment all year round in the Snow and Sports catalog in the Stadium. Or, you can check out the latest edition of the Penguin Style in the Clothes Shop.

Why don’t you call it football? – U. R. English
The CP Times will be using “soccer.” But to me, you, and many others, it’s called “football.” I debated calling it “foot-soccer,” but it didn’t quite have the same ring.

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Numbered Buoys

By Aunt Arctic - I have a mystery in need of solving! I’m calling on all news-hounds and secret-hunters to help. Have you ever noticed the numbered buoys scattered around the island? Most of them are near the Lighthouse, but some can only be reached by jet pack. There appear to be at least eight, but there could be more. Why are they here? Buoys are usually used to mark a path, so where could these ones be leading us? I’m looking into this, but if any of you get the scoop, please send it in to the CP Times!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 449!

More soon…

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