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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 452 :)

Penguin Cup Open! Team Profiles!

Penguin Cup Open!

The big prize is up for grabs! By Aunt Arctic — Welcome to the Penguin Cup, everyone! Grab your Penguin Cup ball, lace up your shoes, and hit the fields. Players are already putting points on the board and every goal counts. Read more to learn how your team could be the champions! Kick-off!

First off, every goal you score counts for your team, no matter if you win or lose a shootout. You can challenge other teams, or just practice with your own. It's all about how many goals you can score. It sounds simple, right? Well, even if your team is ahead, you shouldn't get too comfy. Every other soccer star is out to score too. You never know when an underdog will go on a scoring spree! Whichever team is leading at the end of the tournament on June 29 will win the championship. Good luck everyone! Penguin Cup CHEATS :)

Team Profiles!

Hot Sauce—Always ready to compete. They play on streets and in stadiums. It's all about the game.

Space Squids—Technically brilliant. They use all the latest strategies to secure wins.

Sharks—You can't shake the Sharks. Strong team spirit gives them an edge in every game.

Fluffies—Creative and surprising. This team dazzles their opponents and keeps them guessing.

Upcoming Events :)

June 29 Penguin Cup Awarded Celebrate with the cup winners in the Forts!

July 3 Penguin Style Make your outfit cruise-worthy! At the Clothes Shop.

July 3—Meet The Vikings That Time Forgot at the Stage!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 25.
Next pin hidden: June 26–July 9

Newsflash :)

Lots of cheerleaders are showing up to support their teams! RA RA RA!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

I want to go to the Box Dimension—how do I get there? – D. Mention
The Box Dimension is a very curious place. It's full of lost, discarded, and bizarre objects. If you want to explore it, you'll need to find a Portal Box. There might be one in a friend's igloo you could use. Or, if you're a member, you can buy one from the catalog this month. But it's a secret, so finding it can be tricky. Study the Furniture and Igloo Catalog carefully. Look for a sparkle on a special ball!

How do I change my color? – Raine Bow
Just head over to the Clothes Shop and flip through the Penguin Style catalog. Choose the color that suits you best and it'll be added to your inventory. Open your Player Card and show off the new you!

Aunt Arctic was great at directing her team.

Did you ever play soccer? – Ben Dit
Yes, I did play. It was wonderful to compete with a team—everyone supporting each other. I liked to play midfield the most. That way I could keep an eye on the whole game and send the ball where it was needed. Sometimes I miss it a little, but I'm more than happy to report on games instead of play them. Not only do I get to watch great soccer, but I can also scout upcoming talent. You see, some soccer skills—team work, agility, and strategy—can be applied to various agencies around the island...

Secrets Classified Scoring Secrets :)

By Aunt Arctic - The tournament has started, so here are some tips that a coach once shared with me.

  • Stay focused—your opponent's score doesn't matter as much as your own.
  • Keep calm—you need to click at just the right moment to score. You'll be better at it if you're not rattled.
  • Learn the patterns—the timing changes for each shot.Once you get the hang of a pattern, try to remember it for later.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 451 :)

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