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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Penguin Cup CHEATS :)

HURRAY! The Disney Club Penguin Cup 2014 is HERE and it’s time to dress up in your best soccer gear :) You will find information and links to all FREE items, Secrets, Tips, Guides and Tutorials on this post :) Aunt Arctic is waddling around during this Party and you can meet her, earn her character stamp, talk to her, play TOGETHER with her, and get her Background :) The Disney Club Penguin version of 2014 FIFA World Cup Football FUN starts right NOW!!! Aunt Arctic: The Penguin Cup is on! Pick a team and challenge other players. Every goal you score brings your team closer to the trophy! Click on OK…

…Click on the Football icon in the right upper corner…

…Hot Sauce, Fluffies, Sharks, Space Squids, Choose a team! Hmmm they are ALL very good BUT I will play for..

…Fluffies! The Yellow Team with the Happiest Team Song :) How to play the soccer mini game? Hold the soccer ball and press “D” to invite players to a shootout :) Play shootouts to unlock items :) Click on collect…

…Penguin Cup Ball has been added to your inventory :)

…Anyone wants to play?

…Saraapril is playing for the Yellow Fluffies Team :) And Lolo Loo  is playing for the Green Space Squid Team:)

…How to make a Goal? Click just when the white circle is over the target :)

…Thanks for the Game Lolo Loo :) You are a GREAT Soccer Player :)

…HURRAY! I have earned TONS of coins and ALL the Penguin Cup items :) Congratulations! You’re a soccer legend!

…Penguin Cup VIP Pass, Penguin Cup Hoodie (member item), Penguin Cup 2014 Pin, Water Power Shoes (member item), The Fan Fro Hair Wig, Victory Splash Jug (member item), Penguin Cup Foam Finger, Fire Power Shoes (member item), Go Team Background, Referee Uniform (member item), Penguin Cup Hat, Wind Power Shoes (member item) The Golden Soccer Ball, Unbeatable Keeper Costume (member item), Penguin Cup Flag and Lightning Power Shoes (member item) I LOVE that we quickly can access these items by clicking on the Soccer icon at the right top corner of our screen :)

…If a non member Penguin tries to collect a member item they will get this Ad message: Collecting this item requires a paid membership. Members can: Unlock all four power shoes, Shoot faster in the shoot-out game, Wear all the soccer-themed costumes…

…THANKS Club Penguin for this FUN Soccer Game Party I LOVE it so MUCH :) GO TEAM YELLOW!!! LOL :)

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Pily38806 said...

Blue Sharks are winning,Red Hot Sauce is 2nd,Green Space Squids is 3rd and Yellow Fluffies is last.

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