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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 455 :)

SoundStudio Drops the Beat! Rookie’s Cruise News!

SoundStudio Drops the Beat!

New DJs warming up their turntables. By Cadence — Let’s get LOUD!The SoundStudio will soon be ready 2 go in the Dance Club. We’re gonna make music and dance to new tunes! CHART-TOPPER

The tech has come a LONG way since the first DJ3K and so has the talent. Now it’s ur time to SHINE with SoundStudio. From July 17, hit up the Dance Club and click on the turntables. There’s a TON of new sounds to use. Big shout out to the Penguin Band for making awesome samples. Lay down some synth, put in some crazy beats, go nuts! Everyone can make a song and members can share their with the WHOLE club. If ur not into making songs, u can still jam to them. Show ur LUV for the new songs with Likes in the Dance Club! SoundStudio Sneak Peek Video :)

Rookie’s Cruise News!

“I don’t remember the line! Something about kings?” – Rookie
By Rookie  — Heya guys! There’s a Music Cruise coming! That’s like a supernormous boat with tons of bands and music on it. The Engine Room is even one big instrument! There’s more than just music though. It’s got a pool with water slides, and a buffet!!! Do you know what a buffet is? It’s a HUGE table filled with all kinds of food. And you just get to eat and eat. I was there so long, I fell asleep in the mashed potatoes! Oh, there’s also this room called the Bridge. I didn’t get to see it, but the crew told me, You’re not going in there, that’s where all the ship’s controls are.”Sounds fun, right?!

Island Rumors :)

MYSTERY MOUNTAIN CAVE By Aunt Arctic – Have you noticed the cave visible from the Ski Hill? Rumors have been flying about this place. Some reporters claim that it glows at night. Others say that it’s the home of the Sasquatch. If any intrepid myth-hunters spot something, make sure you write in to the paper! Who lives in the Mountain Cave?

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until July 23.
Next pin hidden: July 24–August 6

Newsflash :)

New dance craze sweeps across the island. Watch for these Moppers in the Dance Club!

Ask Cadence :)

How do Likes work for SoundStudio?–L. Ike Urjam
Likes are ur way to tell a DJ u dig their style. Whenever ur listening to a DJ’s song, you’ll see their penguin name and a Like button. If u like the song, hit that button! Likes will show up on SoundStudio charts where even more fans can listen to the song. Maybe later I could figure out some kind of radio station to play the top-liked songs. Maybe even in igloos! If that sounds cool 2 u, let me know on the Music Cruise!

How do I become famous? – LFaye Mouse
Being a SUPERSTAR isn’t always about being famous.2 get noticed, u gotta work hard and practice ur TALENT. Puffle launching? Pizza tossing? DJ-ing? Break dancing? Tuba playing? Stay true 2 U!

It’s an all-star crew!

Who’s coming on the Music Cruise? – Audi Ince
Check out this line-up, Audi. It’s so MASSIVE, I can’t believe the boat still floats! Me and the Penguin Band are gonna open up the show and we’ve got a TON of stars rockin’ out with us. U can catch them all at the ship’s main stage. We’ve never had this many stars at a Music Jam before! I’m gonna be playing my new single, “Best Day Ever”, but I’m literally LOSING my mind over seeing the other shows! See u there!

Secrets Classified -  The Dino Puffles :)

By Gary the Gadget Guy The origin of these particular puffles is a fascinating story. In January, I received a message from my distant ancestor, Garugg the Ugg Ugg. He and the caveguins needed our help to rescue dino puffles. We went back in time to a prehistoric Club Penguin and hatched dino puffle eggs.That was a stupendous application of heat dynamics—we used a volcano! I even adopted my first puffle, a blue triceratops named Darwin. Unfortunately, travel to the past is not a simple endeavor. For now, the prehistoric times are inaccessible. I hope we can visit again one day. Not only to bring back more dino eggs, but because dinosaurs are scientifically proven to be awesome!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 454 :)

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