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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Some of Saraapril’s Summer Plans 2014 :)

I LOVE the outdoors and during this summer I plan to spend lots of time at the Beach and in the Mountains :) I have a list of 15 Books I plan to read and yesterday Dad gave me 300 new math problems to solve :) I will be helping Mum in our garden and Grandpa with his greenhouse :) I have promised Littlest Cousin to help her build a dollhouse and also a waterpark for the frogs that live in the pond behind her house :) We will for sure have Bonfires at the Beach and at our Backyard TOGETHER with Family and Friends that will be visiting and also TOGETHER with our Neighbors :) The Mountains are so beautiful during the Summer and this year Littletias and I are determined to convince our parents that we are ready for some extreme Mountain Climbing! I mean we HAVE been biking, hiking and climbing around in the Mountains with our parents since we where toddlers and we are well trained and we know how important it is to climb safely and to have the right equipment! Hopefully they will let us :) When Grandpa was young he was a great climber and he still likes to go for a hike and climb with us even though he doesn't do any extreme climbing anymore :) He knows all the good spots and where to get the best view :) Before we go for a hike or climb with or without our parents Mum and Dad ALWAYS tell us to be careful and safe after they have checked our equipment and route! Grandpa ALWAYS checks our equipment and route too but he never tells us to be careful and safe he just looks us in the eyes and says “Smart Kids Live Longer” hugs us and then lets us go :) Later today my far away cousins will arrive and they will stay for a few weeks and TOGETHER we will have so much FUN :) That was all summer plans for this time…wait…I will blog a little too :)

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Mrzero3 said...

Have a good Summer, Saraapril!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a lot of fun, Sara! I would love to go hiking in the summer, or some other time. But I'm a little too lazy for that :p

Anonymous said...

Your summer plans sounds like a lot of fun! What I will be doing this summer is I'll be camping in the woods of Sweden with my family until the end of July when we'll return back home. Hope you have a great summer Saraapril! :-)

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