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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 459!

Hebert P. Bear Safety Alert! Summer Weather Report!

Hebert P. Bear Safety Alert!

Straight from EPF case files. By The DIrector — Citizens. This is a public safety announcement. Be on alert for one of our greatest villains, Herbert P. Bear. All his plans have been stopped by brave agents. But we need everyone at the ready. Read the case file to learn more.

Name: Herbert Percival Bear, Esq.
• Vegetarian and can't swim
• Hates the cold and noise
• Cares little for anyone, except Klutzy the Crab

Criminal Motivations:
• To make the island warm and quiet
• Will stop at nothing to get what he wants

• Sloppy but innovative inventor. Agents have foiled his plans with items found scattered around his own base

Known Associates:
• Klutzy the Crab. His lackey and only friend

What to Do:
• If you see Herbert, do not approach him
• Report immediately to an EPF agent

Last Sighted:
• Being carried into the wilderness by puffles
• Klutzy looking for Herbert. Stay vigilant!

Summer Weather Report!

A perfect blend for penguins! By Aunt Arctic — Originally, Gary the Gadget Guy predicted warm days and clear skies. So we planned for sand on the beaches, and patios for outdoor snacks! Now, the weather report is showing a mix of hot and cold. But that won't slow us down. It's still a summer on our lovely island. In fact, there are some friends from far away who would love a party like this. I'm going to invite them to the island—the cold doesn't bother them anyway!

Upcoming Events :)

Aug. 14. Furniture & Igloo Catalog Make an igloo fit for a snowman!

Aug. 21 Summer Party Celebrate sand, sun, and snow this summer!

On now—fancy frozen fashions at the Clothes Shop!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until August 20.
Next pin hidden: August 21–September 3

Newsflash :)

Cannonball competition at the pool on the Puffle Hotel!

Ask Gary :)

Did you get test data on the Go-Karts? – Mick Anik
Oh, yes. A great deal of data! I'm analyzing it now. Thank you to everyone that went for a race. I think we could improve zippiness by 67.35% by adding cream soda to the fuel injectors. However, the ratio of hot sauce to cream soda will have to be carefully calibrated. In other words, it could take a really long time. I'll write again once my work is further along. Now, where did Rookie put that prototype engine?

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Tallest Mountain :)

By PH - Didja ever take a look at the Tallest Mountain? Don't strain your neck. It's called Tallest for a good reason! But ya can't look at the mountain and not think of exploring the top. It isn't easy getting up there. The sides of it are crazy steep, and they're covered in cliffs and glaciers. I reckon the only time explorers got there was during the Festival of Flight in 2009. Though, it did seem like a couple of Aunt Arctic's puffles knew about the top. Maybe they went on their own expedition! Imagine sledding down that steep slope. It would be bonza!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 458!

More soon…

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