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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 461!

Elsa Brings Frozen Magic! Reindeer!

Elsa Brings Frozen Magic!

Where are they all hidden? By Aunt Arctic — The summer is here, and so are our friends from Arendelle. Elsa has already made magic snowflakes and Ice Palace Igloos for everyone. And there are more icy surprises ahead!

Watching Elsa work her magic is amazing. It's making the island come alive with ice powers! There are talking snowman relaxing by the pool and Marshmallow is tromping through the snow. Keep your eyes open while you explore, and you can find all the magic snowflakes. When you complete your quest, you'll have your own taste of ice magic.


Noble steeds of the North. By PH — G’day! I’ve been busy learning about reindeer from Anna and Olaf. I wanna find out as much as I can while they’re around, ya know? Anna says reindeer are important animals in Arendelle’s mountains. They haul big sleds with heaps of ice on ’em. So those reindeer are real tough. She said Sven even jumped across an ice chasm and saved her life! Olaf told me reindeer really like carrots. Just like puffles and O’berries! That’s the way to a reindeer’s heart! I think I saw some carrots at Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post in the Forest. I reckon you’ll find some reindeer there too!

Island Rumors :)

NINJAS SEARCHING FOR TRUTH! By Rumor Reporter – Thanks to Sensei's mysterious article in last week's paper, there are ninja rumors flying around like throwing stars! Head to the Boiler Room if you didn't get to read it before. Whatever's true, it's going to shake up the Dojo. It makes us wonder—is only one rumor true?

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until September 3.
Next pin hidden: September 4–17


Safety Warning: Don’t try to roast a Marshmallow!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

How do I get published in the paper?–Juan Turight
The best way to get my attention is to be original. I receive hundreds of emails a day, and I'm afraid I can only publish a few jokes in each paper. I always enjoy jokes about Club Penguin, so if you have any good ones, send them along! Anytime you have a specific question, chances are others do too. So don't be shy—send them in!
How do you hug all of your puffles at once?–Hugh Emall
I can relate to your dilemma. Puffles are delightful and quite huggable. But, I'd recommend hugging them one at a time to give each the attention it deserves. It takes me a fair bit of time to get each of my five puffles!

Princess Anna on summer vacation.

What is the best thing about Arendelle?–Aaron Dell
Oh, that's tough to say. I'm always finding new things about it! Having people over for parties at the castle is great. It's so lovely when it's filled with fun and laughter. Arendelle has so much adventure too. I climbed the Northern Mountain and met trolls! I mean, how crazy is that? Maybe my favorite thing is that I never know what'll happen next!

Secrets Classified Snowman Puffles!

By PH - These adorable critters aren’t from the underground or a cloud in the sky. They’re created by magic! That means that once Elsa leaves, the magic that makes them will be gone too. I don’t know much about ice powers, but these are puffles through and through. They’re game for just about anything, and love to learn and see new places. And boy do these puffles have a lot to learn. Ya know, they have a lot in common with a certain snowman from Arendelle!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 460!

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