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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 462!

Ice Palace Grand Opening! Interview with Olaf!

Ice Palace Grand Opening!

A magical performance awaits! By Aunt Arctic — Queen Elsa has completed her beautiful Ice Palace! I was thrilled to talk to Her Majesty about all her plans for her visitors. She has surprises ready for everyone! Hooray! Open the Gates!

Getting to this ice palace is a lot easier than climbing the North Mountain of Arendelle. You can get there right from the Forts. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by the sparkling walls and staircases that Elsa has created. You’ll also be greeted by Elsa herself. Plus, you can collect a bundle of ice furniture. That would look great in the Ice Palace igloo, or even a Coins For Change party this winter! Stay as long as you like. You can watch Elsa perform Let It Go, or you can act out a daring rescue on the ice bridge. Elsa’s FREE items and Background available!

Interview with Olaf!

Aunt Arctic talks to Olaf about the island.

Aunt Arctic: Hi there Olaf. Thanks for talking to me today!
Olaf: Hi!
Aunt Arctic: There are lots of differences between Arendelle and Club Penguin. There are castles made of sand and ones made of ice.
Olaf: Ohhhh! Wow, really?
Aunt Arctic: And there are lots of different kings and queens here, too.
Olaf: We only have one queen in Arendelle, the beautiful Queen Elsa!
Aunt Arctic: That’s easier to remember! Have you seen an iceberg before? We have one that everyone tries to tip over!
Olaf: We had icebergs once when Elsa accidentally froze the kingdom.
Aunt Arctic: Gosh! I bet that was exciting.

Upcoming Events!

Sep. 3 Frozen Party Finish The magic returns to Arendelle. Last day for members to make snowman puffles.

Sep. 4 Stage Solve the mystery of the ruby in retro black and white!

Sep. 4: Penguin Style—get snazzy for the new school year!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until September 3.
Next pin hidden: September 4–17


Ice Delivery struggling to make it big on the island.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

How do I get others to Like my igloo?– Iggy Lou
It can be a bit challenging to make your igloo stand out from the crowd. Try mixing a unusual furniture combinations. If you like fairies and gymnastics, you could make a magical jungle gym! Or, set up a giant TV set and act out your favorite action movie! You can also check out some of your friends’ igloos for inspiration. You’d be surprised at what you might waddle into. Finally, don’t forget to unlock your igloo! Good luck!

Interview with Olaf Continued!

Put him in summer and he’ll be... a happy snowman!

Aunt Arctic: What’s your favorite thing about summer, Olaf?
Olaf: I’ve always loved the idea of summer and sun and all things hot…..
Aunt Arctic: Really? That’s curious.
Olaf: Yup, sometimes I close my eyes and imagine what it would be like when summer does come.
Aunt Arctic: And what do you think it feels like?
Olaf: I think it’ll be a lot cooler in summer!
Aunt Arctic: Well, summer’s always quite cool here in Club Penguin!

Secrets Classified System Defender!

Hone your skills in System Defender at the EPF HQ. Here are some tips to help you become the best. When bots attack, agents must think fast. Remember the three C’s:

Cannons—build cannons quickly before the bots overwhelm your system
Colors—use different colored cannons for different bots. Red is fast, yellow has range, and purple is slow but effective
Corners—take out more bugs by placing cannons on all corners

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 461!

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