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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 464 :)

School for Everyone! Mighty Megalodon!

School for Everyone!

Why build just one school? By Rookie — I’m going as FAST as I can to get the School and Skate Party ready. But I found out about some countries that need schools! So I want us to build three more of them. Do you wanna help?

Okay guys. We’re gonna make this the most spectacterrific school party ever! First, we’ll practice this school thing during the party. How many anvils do you think we need? What’s a bunsen burner? There is a whole lot of stuff that goes in a school! Once we figure it out here, we can build in Ecuador, Haiti, and India. The places where we’re building new schools really need them. I think it would be soooo cool if we could help them. You guys are the best!

Mighty Megalodon!

A menacing monster from the past. By Gary — Did you know the Iceberg isn’t filled with ice? In prehistoric times, there was a huge shark called a megalodon frozen inside! But then increased volcanic activity caused a state change in the Iceberg. That means it got warm from all the lava! Scientists reported that the megalodon went missing! Even more alarming, a very large fin was sighted near the present-day Iceberg. I theorize that this is the very same shark! For scientific reasons, I really want to find out more about it. Like its name! For other reasons, I’m scared of getting anywhere near it!

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Furniture & Igloo Catalog Make your own classroom and support schools around the world!

Sep. 18 Skatepark Opens Watch skaters bust sweet tricks on ramps and rails!

Sep. 18:  A new CPU for the party!

Next pin hidden: September 18–October 1
Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until September 17.

Newsflash :)

Looking for a career? Become a Tour Guide at the Ski Hill.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Are you the Director?–C. U. Spyn
Oh, are you talking about the EPF? I’m afraid not. I think the Elite Penguin Force is grand, but I’m very busy with the CP Times. I’m not cut out for spy work, I love to spill secrets. Whoever the Director is, I hope they keep up the good work!

I hear you’re the Director, is that true?–D. Rector
Dear me. Where are these rumors coming from? I have to be firm here and say I’m not the Director. And, I think the Director would very much like to maintain a secret identity.

…If you click on the text “secret identity” you will find this hidden classified message: Agent’s My identity may be compromised. Initiate Propeller Protocol immediately.

Patented Rookie enthusiasm... 

Are you worried about Rookie’s plan for Club Penguin University?–Conne Strukt
Worried? No, not at all. Rookie does have a spotty record when it comes to these projects. But I think his love of school will shine through. I suppose he might get a little carried away. He was showing me lots and lots of plans. Some of his ideas about what goes into a school seem a bit... off. The Skatepark looks fun, but I don’t remember skateboarding being a class when I was in school. And then there’s the mall he’s building. I’m sure whatever happens, it’ll be an exciting back-to-school celebration!

Secrets Classified Puffle Roundup Tips and Secrets :)

By PH - G’day puffle rustlers! Puffle Roundup is a fun little game that you can get to from the Puffle Park. There’s always puffles that need some help getting back in their pens. To get the fastest time, circle your cursor around the stray puffles—this’ll gather them up in a big herd. Now, move the herd above the pen, and slowly push the whole group inside. Bonza! You’ve earned some coins and made a lot of puffles very happy! Good on ya mate!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 463!

More soon…

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On the bit about School for Everyone, it has a herbet skateboard and an EPF .


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