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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 465 :)

School in Shambles!? Skateboarding 101 :)

School in Shambles!?

That’s not part of the procedure. By Student Reporter — Here we are on the first day of school. But there are students slipping on paint in the halls and dodging basketballs in science class! How did Rookie get everything so mixed up? Keep following me at the CP Times as I get to the bottom of this scholastic snafu! Get Schooled

My fellow students and I were glad to see the updated school. But it looks like Rookie got ahead of himself with this party. Some of the mistakes are harmless, but chemistry sets lying around the Gym!? Unacceptable! I contacted Rookie, and he said he’s already asked for help. Let’s see if he can clean up this mess before mid-terms. If I don’t see some improvement, I think Rookie should get detention! What do you think readers? Would some after-class work would teach Rookie a lesson? Club Penguin School and Skate Party CHEATS 2014 :)

Skateboarding 101 :)

Stylish safety gear for Rookie. By Rookie — Now that the party’s on, I finally get to skateboard! Yay! And guess what? It’s really hard! It’s almost as hard as the EPF test. Oh, please don’t repeat that. I’ve got a big test coming up, and I still haven’t figured out the halfpipe. Those Cart Surfing pros are so good at it! I went into the Mine to ask them for some tips. They do amazing tricks! Have you seen them pull off those kickflipy things? Or when they spin super fast? Man, I got a lot to learn. I have made up my own trick though. It’s the two-handed sandwich grab, and it’s delicious!

Island Rumors :) Herby Werby Hanging Around?

By Rumor Reporter – Have you heard the latest on the island’s most wanted bear, Herbert? Secret sources say he was stuck in a cave deep in the Wilds. But, Klutzy, that sideways-walking lackey, found him. Now he might be anywhere on the island! If you see a hint of white fur, shout out to yours truly so I can get the scoop!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 1.
Next pin hidden: October 2–15

Newsflash :)

Fragile Things is having a blowout at the Mall!

Ask Rookie :)

Why is the school all messy? –Ty Dee
Sorry about that! I was running around a lot, trying to get ready in time. I might have left some supplies in the wrong place. And misplaced my lunch...I grabbed the paints that I forgot in the Skatepark! But I dropped them in the hallway when I saw what was going on in the Gym. It’s been CRAZY! But it’s okay, I got some help from friends. You’re gonna have a cleaned up school in no time. And hey, maybe you wanted to learn some geography while you’re skateboarding... right?

A new year means new adventures!

Where are we building new schools? –Len Dahand
We’re gonna build new schools in Ecuador, Haiti, and India. That’s three whole schools in three different countries! There are lots of places where kids can’t go to school. So we’re all gonna do what we can to help. I just found out how hard it is to build schools, so I’m really proud of everyone for making this happen. Show your support by coming to CPU and proving that school is awesome. And I promise—no more mix ups! Work TOGETHER for a better world :)

Secrets Classified Pizzatron 3000 Tips and Secret :)

By Gary the Gadget Guy - The Pizzatron 3000 in the Pizza Parlor is the ultimate in oven technology! A skilled operator can make forty pizzas in no time! But, I understand it can be difficult to make them according to what people actually order. So, if you’re having trouble keeping up with the conveyor belt of crusts, make sure to start with the ingredients on the left side. Sauce and cheese are the foundation of an excellent pizza! Once you get fast with those, the rest of the ingredients will be much easier! And if you’re ready for a sweet challenge, pull the lever on the start screen.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 464!

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