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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 467!

School Building Success! Halloween Hijinks!

School Building Success!

Our big project has started! - By Student Reporter — Great work everyone! Thanks to all of you, we had a straight-A school by the end of the party. We proved we care about having a place to learn. And, we've kicked off our school building projects in Ecuador, Haiti, and India!

These new schools are going to be safe places where students can learn. Maybe they'll pick up the things that Rookie missed, like what goes in a classroom! Actually, I want to thank Rookie. Without his efforts, we wouldn't have come together as a student body to fix up CPU. And doing that really made me appreciate the school we have. I guess he doesn't deserve detention after all. See you in class, everyone!

Halloween Hijinks!

Ghosts, Werewolves, anything could happen! By Aunt Arctic — October is here, and that means the countdown to Halloween is on. Costume connoisseurs are already planning their outfits and haunted houses are being spookified. The whole island takes part in Halloween. Literally. Every October seems to bring paranormal excitement. The sky often goes dark for weeks, and not all the monsters you meet will be the costumed kind! In 2011, ghost catchers were sent out to find the candy ghosts haunting the island.And in 2012, a haunted mansion appeared in the middle of the Forest. Investigators explored it and found Gariwald the Contraption Chap, Gary's long-lost great-uncle.Last year, Rookie ordered candy that transformed penguins into werewolves, vampires, and zombies. Have a great time this year, but remember, nothing is ever as it seems...

Upcoming Events!

Oct. 23 Anniversary Party Club Penguin is turning nine and we're celebrating at the Coffee Shop!

Oct. 23 Halloween Party A new mystery awaits at the Halloween Party!

Oct. 9:  Furniture & Igloo—decorate scary style for Halloween

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 15.
Next pin hidden: October 16–29

Newsflash :)

Yarr! Pirate fashion shows happening at the Dock! Heave ho!!

Ask Cadence :)

What's your jam right now? – Trev L. N. Base
What up, Trev? I'm in LUV with the tracks hittin' the Dance Club right now. We got Treena58147, Betinha48907, Tame13, and Sylvester102 throwing down some AWESOME tracks. Dance, dubstep, rock, Rockhopper-remix! It's all there. All these DJs got beats that make me wanna dance. If ur lucky, u might catch one of their shows at the Dance Club. If not, u can probs hear them in ur igloo. Just click on a SoundStudio booth and check out what's HOT on the right side. And y not make ur own tune while ur there. It might b ur song topping the charts next!

Comics :)

Classified Secrets in Penguin Style :)

Like most things on the island, the Penguin Style catalog is more than it appears. Each month, the new catalog arrives at the Clothes Shop with clothes and backgrounds to buy. But, if you search the pictures carefully, you might just find even more to wear! In every catalog, you can find hidden items. Click on the right spot and you'll be able to buy them! Happy hunting to the style sleuths!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 466 :)

More soon…

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