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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 468 :)

You’re invited! Rockhopper Abroad :) Club Penguin’s Ninth Anniversary Party Hat Sneak Peek :)

You’re invited! Open here!

You are cordially invited to the NINTH anniversary party by Aunt Arctic. When: Oct. 23–29 Where: The Coffee Shop in The Town Celebrate our fantastic community with free party hats and cake! The NEW yearbook will be on hand so you can relive your favorite moments. I hope to see you there! A Arctic

Rockhopper Abroad :)

It be a Tuesday... By Rockhopper — Avast! It be too long since I be seein’ the shores o’ Club Penguin. But I be a busy buccaneer. Why, I told stories to mermaids for a whole week, and they gave me a pearl the size o’ Yarr as payment. And I be tradin’ that pearl with some scallywag seals for a new beard comb. A beard as lustrous as mine be needin’ care and attention, after all. Then, thar be the treasure I found on a mysterious island! Thar were traps, and ruins, and the mosquitoes. Oh don’t be gettin’ me started on the mosquitoes. But I won’t be sayin’ more about that just now. No, best be waitin’ until ye see it for yerselves.

Upcoming Events!

On Now Igloo Music Update Add the perfect atmosphere to your haunted igloo!

Oct. 23 Halloween Party Stock up on candy for all those trick-or-treaters!

Oct. 23:  Come see the new yearbook at the Coffee Shop!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 15.
Next pin hidden: October 16–29, 2014

(On the table is the Club Penguin Ninth Anniversary Party Hat and this year it’s Red and Purple :) The Party Cake will be made in chocolate and shaped as a nine :)

Newsflash :)

The Puffle Hotel is looking for bellhops, managers, and concierges. Apply within!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

What is that blinking red light in the telescope? – Vy King
That blinking red light is a beacon placed on Shipwreck Island. That island was discovered by pirates sailing with Rockhopper years ago. It’s rather treacherous to sail past, so when the pirates left the island, they made sure to build a beacon so they could stay well clear of it. But there are lots of mysteries left on that island that we still don’t have answers to. There was some curious old armor on there, as well as ancient viking ships. Maybe it’s where the famous viking helmets originally came from?

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Key to the Underwater Room :)

The key to the Underwater Room is hidden in Puffle Rescue! Enter the Undergound (text BUG it should be Underground) and click on the table to start the game. On the first part of the water level, wait until you see a shadow. Follow it by jumping from air bubble to air bubble. Reach the end to find your prize! How to find the Puffle Rescue Key to Underground cave? CHEAT VIDEO :)

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 467 :)

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