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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 471!

Spectral Readings off the Charts! Happy Halloween!

Spectral Readings off the Charts!

This luggage is never over the weight limit. By Gary the Gadget Guy — I’ve been monitoring the Puffle Hotel, and it looks like the ghostly activity is fluctuating. The whole building might be unstable! Or everything is fine. It’s really hard to make sense of Gariwald’s antiquated equipment.

Speaking of Gariwald, we’re still looking for my great uncle. Many investigators are tackling the hotel’s mysteries though. I theorize we’ll know more soon. No need to worry until we have definitive proof! In the mean time, I’ve been examining the ghostly suitcases found in the Puffle Hotel. The items that come from them appear to be safe. But they register as 9,999 on the spook-o-meter. I haven’t scanned every floor, but the higher floors have VERY strong readings. I am concerned there is a powerful ghostly force lurking inside. If you see me, report any findings.

Happy Halloween!

Trick-or-Treat! - By Aunt Arctic — The big day is fast approaching! That’s right, Halloween is almost here. I’ve already seen some wonderful costumes. Vampire unicorns are trotting through the Town. Bat-winged werewolves prowl the Forest. Even the puffles are dressing up. I’ve seen the most convincing ghost costumes this year!Around the island, haunted houses are popping up. They look like floors right out of the Puffle Hotel. Why, you might even have to solve a riddle to get your candy! Whether you’re visiting a haunted hotel igloo or a creepy cave, I hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!

Upcoming Events :)

Nov. 6 Penguin Style Ahoy there mateys! Ship shape costumes on the horizon!

Nov. 13 Stage Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal defend the city!

Nov. 13:  Furniture and Igloo Catalog—be a captain o’ yer own ship!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until November 12.
Next pin hidden: November 13—26


Zombie hordes come to the Skatepark! Try to be understanding, it’s hard to skate when your flippers are falling off!

Ask Rookie!

Do you like scary movies? – Phil M.Eeee!
You mean like The Night of the Living Sled?! No way. That one is waaaay too scary! Even if I have my pet rock and Ducky with me, I can’t make it through the first part. Whenever the sled pops up, I jump out of my seat! One time, Gary invited me over to watch it and I screamed so loud, the EPF showed up! Halloween is AWESOME. Costumes are AWESOME. Candy is SUPER-AWESTASTIC! But scary movies are just... …scary!

Spectral Sweets has a lasting fan, at least.

Are you a werewolf? – Lou Pine
Um... I REALLY love Fullmoon Fireballs. I ordered a lot of candies at the last Halloween party, and those were my favorite. There may be some side effects, but the candies are SO good! The werewolf thing would explain some stuff. Like why I end up in the Forest cave on full moons. Or why I keep chasing frisbees. Gary’s discovered a cure for being a werewolf. He said, “Just stop eating the candies.” But I don’t WANNA! Besides, I’ll always have a Halloween costume this way!

Secrets Classified Puffle Hotel Puzzles!

By Gary the Gadget Guy - I’ve gathered hints from our top investigators. Here are some clues to Puffle Hotel Puzzles:
• 4th floor–-Those flames need to be extinguished. What better way than with a trusty snowball!
• 6th floor—The trick here is getting the light to each plate and then to the sleeping puffle. Start with the one by the window!
• 7th floor—This isn’t just a room, it’s a maze. Look on the wall for the right directions!
• 11th floor—When Carmad the gargoyle asks a riddle, reply with the correct emote. And make sure you’re where she can see you! Haunted Puffle Hotel CHEATS Halloween 2014!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 470!

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