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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Haunted Puffle Hotel CHEATS Halloween 2014!

The Disney Club Penguin Halloween Party 2014 is here and the Island is now dark and filled with HORRIBLE and SCARY decorations! On this post you will find help and tips how to solve the Mystery of the Haunted Puffle Hotel and links to walkthroughs, tutorial guides and information about everything you want to know about this ghostly quest! Members will be able to adopt a Ghost Puffle BUT EVERYONE can hunt for it and earn FREE items on the way! Halloween is indeed NOT my favorite Party in Club Penguin BUT right now we are also celebrating Club Penguin’s Ninth Anniversary and that is AWESOME :) Gary: Gadzooks! My great uncle Gariwald is lost in the Puffle Hotel and it's teeming with ghosts! What happened in there?!

Gary: Can you search the hotel for Gariwald? Maybe that new bellhop can be of assistance.

…Hmmm…I’m not sure if I want to do that! Let me think about it while looking at the Quest! Clicks on Ghost Puffle icon at the upper right corner…Turn on the elevator power in the basement! Click on Go There…Hmmm…Do I want to do that?

Gary: Gariwald was investigating ghostly events in the Puffle Hotel. What happened to him? Saraapril: I don’t know! Why don’t YOU investigate that yourself!? Gary: Don’t worry Saraapril this Haunted Hotel is just like my earlier Halloween inventions :) Saraapril: Okay :) I will help you :) Waddle into the Puffle Hotel Lobby…

Skip: Hi! Hope I didn't spook you. I'm Skip, the bellhop. I just started here and all this creepy stuff's happening!

Skip: You're looking for Gariwald? We gotta get power back to the elevator. I think the generator's in the Basement. Okay…

…That glow from the Basement looks SPOOKY!

…Solve the puzzle by click on the levers until the power is back on…DONE :) Skip: Yikes! Was that a g-g-g-ghost puffle!? They gotta be the ones haunting this place.

Skip: Did they take Gariwald?! We better use the elevator to search the hotel. Saraapril: Okay Skip…

…B Basement, L Lobby, 2 Gym and Spa, 3 Roof, 4 Sitting Room, 5 Deluxe Suite, 6 Dining Room, 7 Ballroom, 8 Pool, 9 Library, 10 Luxury Suite, 11 Balcony, 12 Storage, 13 OUT OF ORDER! There is one more puzzle available to do so i will take the elevator to the sitting room…

…Thirteen fires block this floor douse them all to breach the door…

…How to breach the door? Just throw snowballs on the thirteen fires…

…DONE :) Now I can pick up this gear :)

Skip: This looks like a part from one of Gariwald's ghost catchers.

Skip: There must be one somewhere in the hotel! That thing is just what we need.

…BOTH puzzle B and puzzle 4 is solved and now I can pick up my rewards :) You have unlocked a ghost luggage and Ghostly Suitcase item and Shadow Wings :) Thanks for my items even through they are SCARY looking!

…If a non member tries to pick up a member item they will get this Ad message: Collecting this item requires a paid membership. Members can: Wear new Halloween clothes like the Ghost Puffle Costume or the Spectral Costume. Collect unique items like the Web Hoodie or the Shadow Wings.

…The Ghost Puffle Hunt will continue: What’s on the 6th floor? Solve the puzzle Oct. 24! What’s on the 7th floor? Solve the puzzle Oct. 24! What’s on the 8th floor? Solve the puzzle Oct. 25!

…What’s on the 9th floor? Solve the puzzle Oct. 25! Ghost luggage 2 Unlocked on Oct 25, Magic Hat and Ghost Puffle Costume will be available! What’s on the 11th floor? Solve the puzzle Oct. 26!

…Complete all the puzzles to fix the machine on the 12th floor! Ghost luggage 3 Unlocks on Oct 27 Little Jack and Skeleton Mask! There’s nothing on the 13th floor! Hmmm…The 13th floor is empty!? I DON’T believe that!

…Ghost luggage 4 Unlocks on Oct. 29! Creepy Candle and Spectral Costume will be available! Ghost luggage 5 Unlocks on Oct. 31! Eye of Newt Gumballs and Ghost Vial will be available! Ghost luggage 6 Unlocks on Nov 2! Inspector's Magnifying Glass and Web Hoodie will be available!

Tips: Every time you dose the fires at the 4th floor you will earn 50 coins :)

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More soon…


Anonymous said...

On which day can we adobt a ghost puffle? because my membership expires at 26 October 2014!

Anonymous said...

Me too, mine expires on october 26

Anonymous said...

I've completed all the puzzles and whenever I go to the 12th floor and step on the platform, nothing happens.. Can you help me with this?

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