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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 473 :)

Weeks Old Message Arrives!

Weeks Old Message Arrives!

Avast me hearties! Me hold be full o’ treasure and I be sailin’ home soon. I just be makin’ a quick stop at Swashbuckler Trading Post fer some cream soda first. Thar always be pirate crabs waitin’ to hear me tales o’ adventure. This time, I be tellin’ them about the jewel o’ the seas, Club Penguin! The pirate crabs be mighty interested in our fair island! –ROCKHOPPER

Legend of Scorn!

A tale from the ancient kingdoms of Club Penguin - By Aunt Arctic — I was digging through the archives in the Boiler Room and I came across this old page from a book. I believe it is from Garianna, Gary’s medieval ancestor. “Once upon a time, on Dragon Peak, there was a mighty beast that ruled the skies. He was Scorn, the Dragon King, nastiest dragon on the mountain. After tricking good dragons into taking a vacation, Scorn took over the kingdoms of Club Penguin. Brave heroes from across the lands had to unite and battle him. Scorn was defeated, but legends say a dragon is rarely gone for good.” What an exciting fairytale!

Island Rumors!

HERBERT UNDERWATER?By Rumor Reporter – WHOA! I got some hot news from an EPF insider. An agent in the know told me that Herbert may have learned to build a submarine! Who knows where he got those plans, but if you see anything that looks like a periscope, let me know. Actually, let EVERYONE know! It’s Herbert!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until November 26.
Next pin hidden: November 27–December 10

Newsflash :)

Celebrate one year of gold puffles. Wear your best bling to the Gold Mine!

Ask P.H. :)

How do I get a gold puffle? –Rocky Driller
If you’re a member, go to the Pet Shop with your best digging puffle. Get a gold O’berry from the big dispenser and get exploring!Your puffle will get a right fancy gold glow. Then it’ll sniff out gold nuggets around the island. Just wait for it to catch the scent!Once you have 15, head to the Gold Mine. There, dig deep and find  a legendary gold puffle! It can be a wild adventure, but those little critters are heaps of fun!

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Dance Contest Tips :)

Think you’ve mastered every dance move? Try beating the secret Expert Mode in Dance Contest! Wait for Cadence to ask which difficulty level you’d like, then click on her instead of picking a level. Cadence will ask if you’re ready for Expert Mode. The real question is... ARE YOU?

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 472!

More soon…

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