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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 474 :)

Crabs Invade Island! Oh No, Me Migrator!

Crabs Invade Island!

They’ll make us walk the plank sideways! By Aunt Arctic — Well this is quite the mess! Rockhopper’s ship was crashed by crab pirates and now they’ve invaded the island! Those rowdy ruffians are carousing, roughhousing, and even swashbuckling! We need pirates, and desperately.

It appears Rockhopper got into more trouble than he bargained for this time. “I may ’ave told ’em Club Penguin was the perfect place for pirates. Burstin’ at the seams with gold, rare treasure, and the latest in pirate fashions," Rockhopper told me. “Now the crab pirates be pillagin’ the gold from me hold and buryin’ it all over the island! “Thar be too many of ’em." “I be needin’ extra pirates to get these scurvy crabs away from me treasure. Please help me, I be beggin’ ye!" I know the brave buccaneers of Club Penguin will step in to help Rockhopper. We don’t want our island to become a haven for these rebellious rapscallions!

Oh No, Me Migrator!

Do pirates have insurance? By Captain Rockhopper — Avast! She be the greatest ship that ever be sailin’ the seven and a half seas. Why, the only thing I be cherishin’ more is me first mate, Yarr. Aye, she technically be the second Migrator, but still, it be a tragedy she be wrecked on the shores o’ Club Penguin! At least I needn’t be swimmin’ to shore. Those scallywag crabs be goin’ too far. Now they be tryin’ to bury me treasure so I can’t be findin’ it! It bristles me beard, mateys! First, we be dealin’ with these cursed crustaceans. Then I be properly mournin’ me second Migrator!

Upcoming Events :)

Dec. 4 Stage A Humbug Holiday grumbles onto the Stage.

Dec. 11 Furniture and Igloo Catalog Having friends over for a holiday party? Wow them with a new igloo!

Dec. 4: Penguin Style—show off your holiday cheer with festive fashion!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until November 26.
Next pin hidden: November 27–December 10

Newsflash :)

Only 28 days until the Holidays! Don’t save your sandwiches, save your coins! –Rookie

Ask Aunt Arctic!

Where be yer treasure?–Chrus Tayshen(translated from Crab)
I’m usually all too happy to answer questions about our island. But I don’t think I like your tone, Mr. Tayshen. You have to earn the treasure on Club Penguin. You could play games, or take your puffle for a walk, but I won’t be giving up any secrets to the crab pirates!

Be thar merguins here? –Swab. E (translated from Crab)
Oh, I’ve heard tales of merguins over the years. Some say they swim in the Cove. They have been known to play tricks on sailors. Pirates of all kinds should be wary of merguins!


Secrets Classified How to Bury Yer Treasure :)

By Captain Rockhopper - If ye be wantin’ to bury yer treasure, don’t be takin’ any lessons from those blasted crabs! Sink me, but they be bad at choosin’ where to dig. Here be the proper way o’ doin’ it:

• Find a hidden spot! Ye don’t want any landlubbers comin’ across yer treasure!
• Remember where ye put it. Ye wouldn’t believe how much treasure I be forgettin’... not to mention that island...
• Draw yerself a map as soon as ye can, and keep hold of it! A lost map be lost loot!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 473 :)

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