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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 477 :)

The Merry Walrus Story :) Coins for Change :)

The Merry Walrus Story :)

A story from beyond the Crystal Curtain. By Aunt Arctic — Have you ever heard of the Merry Walrus? I hadn't either until I found this curious storybook. I'd like to learn more about him and the quirky traditions. I hear there's a Fluffy Feast Food Fight!

This walrus is NOT like that Tusk at all. Merry Walrus spends the entire year on his magical island, far away behind the Crystal Curtain. Every December, he emerges in a sleigh pulled by six blue crystal puffles. Then he delivers presents to everyone – the nice and naughty. But the stories say he doesn't just give away presents, he inspires others to give as well. Everyone who celebrates the Merry Walrus Party will be filled with the spirit of generosity. If the stories are all true, Merry Walrus would be the perfect fellow to help with Coins For Change!

Coins for Change :)

We can change the world. By Cadence — WHAT'S UP CLUB PENGUIN!? We're hitting the holiday season and we're gonna go BIG! It's time for Coins For Change! If u don't know what the deal is, let me break it down. Every year we bring the JOY to places all over the world. We've built playgrounds in Haiti, delivered medicine in Kenya, and protected awesome animals like the Snow Leopard! And that's all 'cause of our RAD community. U know I luv ur music and dance moves, but I LUV ur big hearts even more! So let's kick off Coins For Change and unlock more awesome projects!

Upcoming Events :)

Dec. 18 Merry Walrus Party Celebrate the traditions of the new holiday!

Dec. 21 Merry Walrus Finale This is the first chance for members to adopt a blue crystal puffle!

Dec. 18:  Coins For Change—donate coins for good causes!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until December 23.
Next pin hidden: December 24—January 7

Newsflash :)

Blast your best holiday songs at the Dance Club.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Where did you hear about Merry Walrus?–Holly Day
I discovered the peculiar storybook out in the Forest, of all places. Who would leave it in such a strange place? It seems like it is very old. Probably as old as any item on the island. I couldn't resist a mysterious book like that! I picked it up and read it right away. If the owner of the book writes in, I'll be happy to give it back to them. I wonder about why it was there, though. Is there anyone you've met recently who loves old items?

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Stamps Secrets :)

By Gary the Gadget Guy - Looking to complete your Stamp collection? I enjoy collecting, but some pose perplexing problems. I researched the optimal ways to get some extreme Stamps:

• Extreme Cannon Stamp - Go to the caves level in Puffle Rescue. Make one cannon shoot the other with a snowball to destroy it. You'll still need to get out of the way!

• Cart Master Stamp - Go to the Cart Surfer game and perform lots of back flips, air twists, and handstands. Crash when you start getting less points for the tricks. You don't want to go to the end in one run!

• Fruit Smasher Stamp - Go to Smoothie Smash and try not to miss any fruit in a recipe. Keep it up and you'll get this extreme Stamp.

…See earlier Club Penguin Times issue 476 :)

More soon…

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