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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 479 :)

Blue Crystal Puffles :) Merry Walrus Interview :)

Blue Crystal Puffles :)

Like a shooting star. By PH — G’day and Merry Walrus! A new puffle has hit the island, and your friendly neighborhood puffle handler is learning all she can! Wanna know what I found out? Sparkle sparkle

I’ve met HEAPS of new puffles this year. But the blue crystal is like nothing else. They’re truly magical. They can pull Merry Walrus’ sleigh right through the air. And the way they shine when they do it is really something! They’re the perfect puffle for the holidays. They’re so generous, they’re more likely to give a toy away than play with it. I’ve got to add Merry Walrus Island to my list of places to explore. That means sharing a ship with Rockhopper... but maybe finding out what’s behind the Crystal Curtain is worth it!

Merry Walrus Interview :)

Aunt Arctic asks. Aunt Arctic: Welcome to the CP Times office, Mr. Walrus. Thanks for flying in. Merry Walrus: Oh you’re very welcome!Aunt Arctic: So, what do you think of our Merry Walrus Party? Merry Walrus: You’ve all done so much. I’ve flown around the world, and I’ve never seen a place work so hard giving to others. Aunt Arctic: That’s very kind of you. Now, a lot of our readers are curious about your island. Can you tell us about it? Merry Walrus: Well, it’s behind the Crystal Curtain, which can only be opened by the blue crystal puffles. I spend the year there making and wrapping presents on my wrap-o-matic. Aunt Arctic: Very intriguing. And do you keep a list of who is naughty and nice? Merry Walrus: Nope. I don’t judge! Merry Walrus to all!

Upcoming Events :)

Jan. 8 Penguin Style Clothes from a galaxy far far away!

Jan. 15 Furniture and Igloo Catalog Build a secret rebel headquarters!

Jan. 8:  Stage—The Penguins That Time Forgot returns!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until January 7.
Next pin hidden: January 8–21

Newsflash :)

Toy makers are needed at the School! Rush orders are still coming in!

Ask Merry Walrus :)

What’s your favorite tradition? – Mary W.
Ah, do I have to choose just one? Why, I make up new ones every year, so there are a whole lot of traditions. One time, we piled fishdogs into tall tall towers. That led to the next day’s tradition—cleaning up toppled fishdog towers! This year though, my favorite tradition was decorating the tree. It gets everyone in the spirit and smells much better!

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Smoothie Smash Tips :)

By Rookie Heya! Wanna butt smash some fruit while you earn coins? I do. Like, all the time! So, head to the Coffee Shop and try out Smoothie Smash. You can earn lots of coins if you’re careful about where you aim your butt. Try to time your bounces so you’re hitting the fruit right in the middle of the belt. That way, you have time to see what else is coming. You don’t want to hit the wrong fruit! And watch out, that belt gets moving fast once you make a few smoothies!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 478 :)

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