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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FUN with Friends :)

Toadette1741 invited me to her Igloo and made a yummy pizza that we ate while talking :) After that we…

…went to her studio there she interviewed me :) She is a good reporter and had lots of questions to ask and I did my best to answer them :)

…Then we went to my Sweet Swirl Igloo and there we had a CANDY EATING PARTY TOGETHER with Moser2 and my Puffles :)

Club-Penguin- 2014-01-0247 - Copy

…I’M SO HUNGRY!!! No matter how much I eat I’m STILL HUNGRY!!! Thanks for the food Vindore :) Do you have anything MORE to eat?

…eats Candy and Candy Bowl…Burp…STILL HUNGRY!!!

…Your Puffles look yummy…WHAT!?! THIS IS HORRIBLE!!! I would NEVER EVER eat a Puffle!!! This is ALL Uncle Gary’s FAULT!!! I should have said no when I asked me to help him with his latest food experiment!!!

…I’m not the only one that needs help...LOL :) I wonder where Gary is? I really need him to fix this!

…HURRAY! Mum is calling that Dinner is ready :) Maybe I don’t need Uncle Gary’s help to get this hunger problem fixed…LOL :) Bye Friend :)

…THANKS for the FUN Friends :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!

FUN with Friends :)

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