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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Furniture and Igloo Catalog CHEATS January 2014 :)

Club Penguin has combined the Furniture Catalog and Igloo Catalog into one Catalog and I think this is a good idea :) This issue is FILLED with stone age items so you can decorate for the Prehistoric Party 2014 :) As Always I will help you find ALL the hidden secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…Open your Igloo: Digloos! Members can buy the Dino Dig Site to be featured on the Digloos list. Active from January, 23 to February 4, 2014 :) Dino Dig Site 300 coins is a NEW item :)

...The Slab Sofa 200 coins, Slab Recliner 150 coins, Fish Fossil 150 coins and Bone Bridge 100 coins are NEW items :) Mouse over this page to find the…

…Hidden Secret Old Cave Igloo 1500 coins :)

…And so are the Designer Log stool 25 coins, Volcanic Glass Side Table 75 coins, Volcanic Glass Table 75 coins, Tortoise Dining Table 250 coins and Ice Age 3000 BCE :)

…Hidden Secret Old item Acacia Tree 350 coins :)

…Prehistoric Gate 100 coins, Prehistoric Wall 75 coins, Chieftain’s Seat 150 coins, Claw Marks 25 coins and Clam Chair 150 coins are NEW items :)

…and the last NEW item in this Catalog is the Sabre-tooth Rug 100 coins :)

…Terracotta Tile 680 coins :)

…Acacia Tree 350 coins is hidden on this page too…BUG!

…As usual we didn't get anything from My quick Igloo Wish List! THANKS A LOT Darth Herbert! I find it REALLY annoying that the moderators (even new ones) keep using those items I wish for BUT as a PAYING Club Penguin member since 2007 I can’t! That’s so UNCOOL!

Club Penguin Catalogs :)

The Penguins that Time Forgot at the Stage 2014 :)

The Penguins that Time Forgot is once again back at the Stage and…

…I have NOT Forgot how SILLY FUNNY this play is…LOL :) UGG! DINO! UGG!

…Costume Trunk Catalog January 2014 is filled with Old items :)

…Chester is a curious penguin with an eye for a bargain. One day, he meets a penguin that offers him an invitation – a time machine consisting of a box and ‘special hat’. Chester takes the cobbly creation back to his igloo and steps into the box. The rest is, as they say, prehistory…Director’s Hat 250 coins and Megaphone 145 coins :)

…The Fern Fuzz Hair Wig 450 coins, Tiger Cave Toga 350 coins, Big Brow 50 coins, Primitive Necklace 100 coins and Zebra Cave Toga 350 coins :)

…Mouse over this page to find the Hidden Secret item Grass Skirt 200 coins if you wear this item and dance you will do a Hula :) On this post is an Animation of the Dance :)

…Blue Tiki Mask 300 coins, Pink Tiki Mask 300 coins and Cheap Time Travel Hat 10 coins :)

…The Volcanic Background 60 coins is hidden on this page and available for Both members and Non members :)

Tour Guide for the Plaza and inside The Stage:
This is the Plaza! Don't go shopping on an empty stomach! Grab a snack at the Pizza Parlor Adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop! Pamper your pet at the Puffle Hotel Then check out the play The Penguins That Time Forgot!

…Now showing The Penguins That Time Forgot a comedy adventure that goes back to prehistoric times Grab a costume and join in! TIKI TIKI ABOOT!

The Script is the same as before:

Penguins That Time Forgot
Chester: Time to try out this new Time Travel 1000!
Time machine opens
Critteroo: UGG! DINO! UGG!
Chester: What is this place? Where am I?
Chester: I'm in Grub? What's a Grub?
Critteroo: LAVA! LAVA!
Chester: Lava? I've gotta get out of here!
Time machine breaks
Chester: Great, now I'm stuck in some place called Grub!
Chester: Now who's this with the big silly mask?
Critteroo: TIKI! TIKI ATOOK!
Chester: Okay, really now. Can't you just use real words?
Chester: You do know you don't make any sense, right?
Chester: Sigh. Okay, something about lava and grubs.
Chester: You were wearing boots, but the grubs took them?
Chester: Let me guess, your name is Tiki and you're Grub.
Critteroo: TIKI GRUB-GRUB!
Chester: I give up! I have no idea what you're saying.
Chester: Well, I may as well join in...
Chester: GRUB GRUB!
Chester: Last time I buy a time machine for 10 coins...
Director: Places everyone!
Director: Take it again from the top!
Director: Excellent work, team. Keep it up!
Director: That's a wrap!
Director: Take a bow everyone!

…The Postcard Catalog is updated with “The Penguins that time forgot” Card :) Join in the action at the Stage!

Switchboard 3000 The Penguins that time Forgot ANIMATED :)

Club Penguin Times issue 430 :)

Caveguin 101 and Dots’ Stager Play Review :)

Caveguin 101 :)

Brush up on your Ooga Booga! By Aunt Arctic— Garugg the Ugg Ugg needs our help in prehistoric times, so we’re traveling back to the Stone Age! Learn more about what it will be like and how to speak ancient caveguin. Time Warp!

The age of dinosaurs is a very different time. You’ll want to watch out for lava pools, active volcanoes, and steaming mud puddles! Not to mention the dinosaurs themselves. I know Gary loves to visit the giant lizards, but I’m happy to admire them from a distance. If you’re looking for good tips on how to get around or stay safe, talk to a caveguin. Stick to the basic necessities like “Fish!”, Town!”, and “Hot tea!”. Well—those are my necessities! Keep an eye on the newspaper for more information on what Garugg needs. Gary is busy tinkering with his Time Trekker 3000. Shortly we’ll be able to deal with this ancient emergency—whatever it is. He says the Time Trekker will be ready to go by Jan. 23, so check out the Snow Forts then!

Dot’s Sage Play Review :)

A fish-out-of-water comedy that no one forgets! By Dot the Disguise Gal — It’s great to see Penguins That Time Forgot at the Stage again. This is one of my all-time favorite comedies. Some critics might say it’s gibberish that relies on silly accents, but I think the humor is all in the delivery. Plus, Chester’s situation is a lot like the first time you work on a case with Rookie. It’s hard to understand what’s going on, and the jokes don’t always make sense. We’ve all been there. I recommend you get together with friends, hop on stage, and try it out. Don’t forget to pick up the costumes— those stone-age clothes will come in handy!

Upcoming Events :)

Jan. 23 Prehistoric Party Get your dig gear ready! Prehistoric Party 2014 Sneak Peeks :)

Jan. 23 Gary Visits The intrepid inventor will visit during the Prehistoric Party!

Furniture and Igloo Catalog January 2014 —Together at last!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until January 22.
Next pin hidden: January 23–Feb. 5

Newsflash :)

Archaeologists gearing up for a trip into the past. Get your outfits at the Clothes Shop!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Can I stay in present day Club Penguin? – Maude Urn
Absolutely, Maude. The Time Trekker will be in the Snow Forts, so snowballs might fly into the past...But, the rest of the island will be there for you to play in and enjoy. I know I’ll be getting my meals here in the present. I don’t share the caveguins’ taste for raw meat. If you host an igloo party, you can invite friends no matter when they are. You could show some caveguins around your favorite places and give them a taste of modern conveniences. And don’t worry about dinosaurs coming to the present. They visited last year and were very well-behaved!

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Tips and Secrets Time Travel :)

Here’s a scoop for our loyal Club Penguin Times readers: Gary’s Time Trekker was recently set to “forwards”. Before this, he’s only used it to go backwards in time. Apparently it takes several days to change the Time Trekker from forward to reverse. That’s why he is calibrating it right now. Soon we’ll be able to travel back to prehistoric times, but I wonder what Gary found out when he went ahead to the future?

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 429 :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

HURRAY! Gary’s Time Trekker is now at the Snow Forts :) Let’s go inside…

…There was an error…OH NO! BUG! I hope this will be fixed before the Prehistoric Party 2014 starts next week! UPDATE: This Bug is now fixed :) See Picture further down on this post :)

…The Igloo Music List is updated :) Journey to the Prehistoric, Stone-Age Party, Pre-Historic, Ooga Booga and Jungle Ambience are New tunes :)

…The Time Trekker Bug is fixed and we can waddle inside :) Message from Gary the Gadget Guy: Greetings! The Time Trekker is being calibrated. Come back on January 23, 2014 to travel to Prehistoric Times. Garugg the Ugg Ugg needs our help to save the Dino Puffles! Prehistoric Party 2014 Sneak Peeks :)

…Disney is preparing Club Penguin to be available in Russian language :) Here is the Welcome mat furniture item with text in Russian :) добро пожаловать :)

…Probably because Club Penguin is preparing for Russian there are small text adjustments on a lot of places in Club Penguin where the text has moved a little or changed size a little :)

…The picture of the Brown Flats Shoes has been updated in the Club Penguin Style Catalog January 2014 :)

…The text Bug that was fixed in Rockhopper and the Stowaway is back again! It says “now you’re ship” instead of “now your ship”!

…In the game DJ3K the text is changed to DJ3000 :)

…you can see the change on the record players too :)

Club Penguin Home page update: Members can get the Dino Dig Site for their igloos Check out the NEW Catalog Ad is showing on Club Penguin Home Page :)

...The Club Penguin Background Picture on Home page is now added back :)

…The Weekday text is in italics now :)

…The Drink vending machine in the Dance Lounge is a little different :) Here is how it looked like before :)

…The old style Ice Rink is back again :)

…From the Plaza we SHOULD see the Ice Rink BUT instead we can see the Soccer Field…BUG!

…In the Pet Shop the Gold O’berries machine and platform has changed back to the launching design :) GREAT! I like this design much better :)

…This is how it looked like before!

…The blue sky at the Puffle Hotel Roof changed again and now it’s back to be a bit darker than before :)

…The Mine Bug is fixed :)

…In Pizza Parlor the door handles are a bit changed and now they look darker and more outlined…

…this is how it looked like before :)

…The instructions sign at the Fire Dojo has been moved down a little :)

…Your Igloo is set aside and now available directly on the map and the text font for Places, Games, Shops and Pets is made bold :)

…Tour Guide Messages: This is the Snow Forts Home to the Club Penguin clock and usually snowball fights The Time Trekker is here now Gary the Gadget Guy is getting ready to take us all back to caveguin time!

…Welcome to the Time Trekker When traveling through time please note keep all flippers inside the vehicle at all times please remain seated until the time warp is done :)

…New Club Penguin Help pages :)

How do I adopt a dinosaur puffle?

Members can adopt a dino puffle during the Prehistoric Party Jan 22 - Feb 4. Head to the Time Trekker in the Snow Forts to travel back to prehistoric Club Penguin. Six different dino puffles are available to adopt! These rare puffles will only be available to adopt during the party.

What species of dinosaur puffles exist?

Currently there are 6 different dino puffles in Club Penguin:

  • Yellow Stegosaurus
  • Pink Stegosaurus
  • Black T-rex
  • Purple T-rex
  • Blue Triceratops
  • Red Triceratops

How do I care for my dinosaur puffle?

Like all puffles, dino puffles need lots of care and attention. To care for your dino puffle, take it for a walk and use the care stations in the Puffle Hotel and Pizza Parlor.

What happens to my dinosaur puffle after my membership expires?

If you've adopted a dino puffle and your membership expires, your dino puffle will go outside to your backyard. Only members can bring their dino puffles into their igloo and take them for walks. But don't worry, while your dino puffle is in your backyard its stats won't go down.

Are group or family rates available?

At this time Club Penguin does not offer group or family rates for memberships.

Can I transfer my membership to another penguin?

We understand that many players have several penguin accounts, however we are unable to transfer memberships from one penguin to another. To prevent having a membership applied to the wrong account, make sure you check the correct penguin name and password are entered during the payment process.

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…

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