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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Wonderful day when Prism came Home :)

My Puffles and I are so EXCITED! All the paperwork is done and today is the day Prism will come HOME :)

…Hi Prism I’m here to sign the final adoption paper and then you can FINALLY come home to live with me and your siblings :)

...This rainbow Puffle has chosen you! Choose a name…Prism :) Click on Adopt…


…Waves goodbye to all the Rainbow Puffles at the Cloud Forest we will soon come and visit you :)

…Prism and I are so HAPPY that we danced the whole way home :)


…Yes Speed it’s GREAT that you saved Prism’s specially decorated Igloo all this time :) I hope you have baked a NEW Cake…LOL :)

…Let’s go to the Backyard so we ALL can celebrate TOGETHER :)



…THANKS to ALL kind Penguins that have contacted Club Penguin and asked them to make it possible to adopt more then 20 Puffles :) Adopting Prism Failed! Saraapril’s Sad News! THANKS for helping me and my Puffles to get Prism home :) Without your help this had not been possible! THANK YOU SO MUCH :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!

Saraapril’s Stories and Adventures :)

#MeggTakeover Starts Now!

This is a message by Megg:

Well, it's finally happened....Spike Hike is letting me temporarily have ownership over Club Penguin this weekend! W00t! As temporary owner, I want to focus on the community and how awesome all of you are. My first order of business, COLORING! I know I know, that doesn't sound like much of a take over but I promise it'll be worth it. Remember back to the #MeggTakeover episode of The Spoiler Alert when we talked about getting more coloring pages? As temporary owner I say, it shall be done! I thought everyone could color this hoodie template all pretty like and send it on in to me so I can see 'em.

You can submit the finished hoodie templates here. I'll only be accepting them for this weekend while I'm temporary owner so be sure to get them in! I'll be coloring some as well :D On another note, I'll be posting some meet up times on the blog throughout the weekend. Stay tuned! Waddle on, -Megg

…The #MeggTakeover started with a double post BUG! I’m glad it got fixed :) Have FUN coloring :)

Club Penguin Fun Stuff :)

When to meet Gary CHEATS Spanish Servers Prehistoric Party 2014 :)

Gary Tracking help from Club Penguin Spanish :) Time to take the Time Trekker to an Adventure in the past :) Here are some dates, times and servers when and where you can meet Gary :)

Sunday January 26, 2014: 03:00 PM (PST, Penguin Standard Time) server Pingüinópolis

Monday January 27, 2014: 10:00 AM (PST, Penguin Standard Time) server Movimiento Ninja

Tuesday January 28, 2014: 07:00 AM (PST, Penguin Standard Time) server Yeti

Friday January 31, 2014: 10:00 PM (PST, Penguin Standard Time) server Amuleto Ninja

Monday, February 3, 2014: 07:00 AM (PST, Penguin Standard Time) server Alas y Aletas

…You find the “Penguin Standard Time” at the clock in Snow Forts :) And here are MORE times and servers to meet Gary the Gadget Guy When to meet Gary Prehistoric Party 2014 CHEATS :)

Prehistoric Party 2014 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Penguin of the Week Zackryder117 January 24, 2014 :)

This is a message by Daffodaily5:

Hiya! Zackryder117 sure knows how to throw a party! Whether he's hosting his very own EPIC iggy party or helping others get theirs started – he’s always there to provide the fun! His igloo is some kind of dinosaur-graveyard-café... I love the skull! That reminds me; Q: What do you call a one eyed dinosaur? A: Do-ya-think-he-saurus! I bet you haven't heard that one before ;)

Leave a nomination for your buddy in the comments below and they could be featured as Penguin of the Week! As you know, the prize is 10,000 shiny coins and of course, the Green Viking Helmet! Byeee!

…CONGRATS Zackryder117 :) I like your silver wristwatch :)

…See earlier Club Penguin’s Penguin of the Week :)

Club Penguin Dino Puffle Emote Clothes and items for Sale online!

Disney Club Penguin Dinosaur Puffle Merchandise is added to the Zazzle online store BUT there are ONLY one image and it looks like this:

…Dino Emote Gifts, Dino Emote Tee Shirts, Dino Emote Pullover Sweatshirts, Dino Emote Hooded Sweatshirts, Dino Emote iPad Sleeve, Dino Emote MacBook Sleeve, Dino Emote Lunch Boxes, Dino Emote Binder, Dino Emote iPhone Cases, Dino Emote iPad Cases, Dino Emote Mouse Pad, Dino Emote Christmas Ornaments, Dino Emote Stamp and much more…

Club Penguin Clothes and items for Sale!

Prehistoric Party 2014 - On Now :)

This is a message by Polo Field:

Head to the Snow Forts to travel back in time to the stone age. There's some new prehistoric rooms to explore, and dino puffles to rescue!

What's your favorite part of the Prehistoric Party? Let us know in the comments! Waddle On!

…DINO PUFFLES :) How to hatch a Dino Puffle Egg Video :) And I LOVE the New Salon :)

Guided Tour of Prehistoric Party 2014 Club Penguin :)

Prehistoric Party 2014 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Gary Tracking Tips German Server CHEATS Prehistoric Party 2014 :)

Here are some dates and times and a server when you can meet Gary and explore the stone age TOGETHER with him :) Thanks Federflink1 for this when and where info :) The times listed are in Central European Time :)

Friday, January 24, 2014: 17:30 Server Handschuhe
Tuesday January 28, 2014: 17:30 Server Handschuhe
Thursday January 30, 2014: 15:30 Server Handschuhe
Monday February 3, 2014: 17:30 Server Handschuhe
Wednesday February 5, 2014: 17:30 Server Handschuhe

…Here are MORE times and servers to meet Gary the Gadget Guy When to meet Gary Prehistoric Party 2014 CHEATS :)

Times to meet Gary CHEATS French Servers Prehistoric Party 2014 :)

Here are Tracking Tips to when and where we can meet Gary during the Prehistoric Party 2014 in French Servers :) Thanks Loustik005 for this info :) Hi penguins! Are you ready to travel through time with Gary? Ready to help him in his research and foraging prehistory with him? So here are dates and times when you can go aboard the Time Machine 3000 along with the great inventor:

Friday, January 24, 2014: YÉTI – 16H00 in France (10H00 in Québec)

Saturday, January 25, 2014: JOUR DE NEIGE 12H00 in France (06H in Québec)

Saturday, January 25, 2014: FLOCON 16H00 in France (10H00 in Québec)

Monday, January 27, 2014: YÉTI 17H00 in France (11H00 in Québec)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014: YÉTI 16H30 in France (10H30 in Québec)

Info: Gary will also be visiting outside of these hours and on any other server! UGG! UGG!

…Here are MORE times and servers to meet Gary the Gadget Guy When to meet Gary Prehistoric Party 2014 CHEATS :)

Guided Tour of Prehistoric Party 2014 Club Penguin :)

Welcome to a Guided Tour of the Disney Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2014 :) Here we have the Snow Forts As you can see, there's a time machine here that we can use to travel to the past Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!

…Welcome to the Time Trekker :) When traveling through time keep flippers inside the vehicle please remain seated until the time warp is done! While waiting let’s look at the…


...We have seven special Party emotes too that is perfect to use while communicate with stone age penguins or dinosaurs :)

…We are here! Open map and chose a location…

…GRUB GRUB! This be Tree Place It named for so many trees Watch where step Don't smoosh words! Garugg work hard on them! There are special effects in many of the rooms so go and explore :)

…Digloos :) Members can buy the Dino Dig Site to get featured on the Digloos list. Active from Jan. 23 to Feb. 4. Furniture and Igloo Catalog :)

…Here be Stony Town It nice place Good spot to get eats New salon make pretty Bring puffle for splashing!

…YUM YUM! Restaurant name YUM YUM Here many good thins to eat like pterano tacos and tricera salad Bang drums! Make music!

…Here new salon :) Well it new to us :) Old to modern Club Penguin Time travel weird! Get unibrow done at chairs Grab new clothes :) Make pretty!

…This be Big Water Place It nice place to tour Some gets eaten here please watch out for lava it not taste good trust me Slide very fun! Weee UGG!

…YIKES! This be Tricera Town! Many pointy head dinos here they like to SMASH and crush of course they no crush tour guides is rude!

…YUCK! No, me not get dirty that name of place. YUCK! Swamp Is nice place to swim Mud good for skin Me no want dino skin!

…Welcome to Fancy Plaza This classy place Rocky's Pizza there Bring pizza to eat at cars Not for driving! We still working on that…

…This Rocky's Pizza Order fern and feta pizza Comes in three sizes Large huge and dino! Play the xylobones on stage Nice music while eating!

…Careful here Lava come up and go down Walk to rock when lava low Lava hotter than hot sauce Bad for stomach!

…We inside Volcano! Garugg the Ugg Ugg make this You want hatch puffle egg? Walk on red rocks Puffle egg get warm!

…And again…We inside Volcano! Garugg the Ugg Ugg make this You want hatch puffle egg? Walk on red rocks Puffle egg get warm! How to hatch a Dino Puffle Video :)


…Ahh, this be Hunting Spot good place to catch dinner Dinos come too We throw meat to dinos Drink from waterfall It good water :)

…HEADS UP! This Pterano Town It filled with flying dinos You watch flying dinos perform Clap loud for dinos Then they not eat us!

…This is Scary Ice this big fish very mad he no like being frozen please no tap on ice it already getting too weak from volcano!

Prehistoric jokes:
Where do dinosaurs like to go on vacation? To the dino-shore!
How do you know if there's a dinosaur under your bed? Your nose hits the ceiling!
What's the new caveguin dance craze? The ooga booga boogie
What dinosaur can jump higher than an igloo? All of them, igloos can't jump!
What do you call a wandering caveguin? A meanderthal!
What happened when the T-Rex took the train home? He had to bring it back!
What's a caveguin's favorite meal? A club sandwich!
What do you call a plated dinosaur when he is asleep? Stego-snore-us!
What do you get when two dinosaurs collide? Tyrannosaurus wrecks!

…Thanks for taking this Tour from the past :) There are as always during a Party special stamps to earn and If you like to do some more time travelling (and learn about a few secrets) you can take the Prehistoric Tour from last year :)

Prehistoric Party 2014 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

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