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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Prehistoric Lava River Adventure :)

The Prehistoric Club Penguin is very Interesting and there are so many things to discover :) Here is a cave opening I wonder what’s inside?

…I found a lava river and in my clam shell boat I sailed on it deeper and deeper in an underground labyrinth and there I found plants that prospered! So unusual and interesting! I have to tell Uncle Gary about this discovery and give him a sample for testing :)

…Two Stone Lanterns are set up here on each side of the lave river! Who did that? Prehistoric Ninjas?

…Hi Charoite :) Where did you come from? Garnet, Citrine, Rhodochrosite, Obsidian and Larimar you are all here :) Did you follow me? You did :) And you can jump in the lava without getting burned!?! FANTASTIC! Let’s explore this place TOGETHER :)

…Look Dino Puffles! Here are more signs of Prehistoric Ninjas! I must tell Sensei about this discovery as soon as possible but I wouldn't be surprised if he already knew about it :)

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