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Sunday, February 23, 2014

I met Rookie Server Alaska Fair 2014 FUN with Friends :)

I was Waddling around in Club Penguin playing different Fair Games when I suddenly saw ROOKIE! I started to HAPPY DANCING :)

…TOGETHER we had a FUN Snowball fight :) It sounded HORRIBLE almost as we broke the game!

...Rookie added Penguins that sent him a Friend request and then we played follow Rookie :)

…Now you are easier to recognize…LOL :)

…Let’s check out this room!

…Wave to Space Squid see if it waves back! It did…LOL :) Bug Detail: Look at all the colors on Penguin names!

...Let’s go for a ride…

…Rookie was a little nervous and wanted us to go first…

…See Rookie this is FUN :)

…Slime Splash!

…One more time :)

…Flippers up!

...After riding the roller-coaster so many times in a row Rookie got dizzy! I’m going to see the rest of the park :)

…Have FUN at Tumbleweed Town Rookie :) I will…

…stay here and watch The Penguin Band’s Show :)

FUN with Friends :)

Dancing in Digital World Animated :)

I like the Digital World mini game at the Fair and I LOVE that we can do all kinds of special dances in it even though it’s a BUG :) Here I am flying with a bunch of Balloons…LOL :) Thanks Gooy55 for telling me about this Bug :) Waves to get out of Bug dance :)

…Here is an Animation of how I look like while dancing without any special items on my Penguin…HAPPY 8-BIT DIGITAL DANCING :)

The Fair 2014 Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Saraapril’s Fair Fashion Show Igloo :)

My Friend Stinky 39675 asked if I could make a Fashion Show in my Igloo and here it is :) Thanks for the decoration help Orange :) Now we need Penguins and their Puffles to walk on the runway and then we are ready to invite EVERYONE to watch the FAIR FASHION SHOW 2014 :)

…Here is an earlier Fashion Show Igloo design :)

FUN with Bugs and Friends :)

Here is a Waddle down Club Penguin Memory Lane :) I met Stinky 39675 at the Town and we…

…went to Stinky 39675,s Very Cool Ice Skating Rink Igloo :)

…We both LOVE to talk about our Puffles and here we are swimming at the Cove :)


Find Four FUN :)

…Good Game :)

…Yes Please Redhead313 :) I would like another Veggie Pizza :) Suddenly we got a Spy Phone message from The Director and hurried to the…

…Command Room! Herbert has kidnapped Rookie! ALL available agents are needed! We found some clues that lead us to the…

...Hidden Lake!

…There we freed a Mermaid from seaweed that she had got tangled into and she helped us to find Rookie with her Mermaid Powers :)

…ROOKIE! We found You :) Why did Herbert capture you? You wanted him to be a Target in a Fair Game? BUT Rookie…POOR HERBERT! He REALLY Dislikes Loud Parties! Anyway…There are no signs of Herbert here but All’s well that ends well :)

…GREAT WORK Agent Stinky 39675 :) What’s next? That’s a GREAT Idea! I will do that during the Fair :)


...OH! It’s not scary it’s my friend Coffeetip…LOL :) How are you today? Good :) Then we had a FUN Friendly Snowball Fight TOGETHER :)

…HAPPY Dino Puffle Dance Party :)

...Oops! Icey Jot Pop’s Igloo is EMPTY!

…GREAT Igloo decoration :) BUT…MY Puffle is MISSING! BUG!!

…Hmmm...Let’s investigate! Icey Jot Pop can still se my Puffle!

...HURRAY! When we went to another room my Puffle came back :) Thanks for the Bug testing help Icey Jot Pop :)

…My Friend Shamrock100 and I talked about old Club Penguin memories and all the FUN we had playing TOGETHER :)

...Shamrock100’s Puffle is named Shamrock and LOVES to bath at the Cove just like my Puffle Sunshine :)

…Puffle Nap Time :)

…What happened? LOL :)

…Gym Time :)

…How do Puffles lift weights with no arms? PUFFLE POWER :)

…Our Puffles will be so cute in their new haircuts :)

…After all this our Puffles were HUNGRY so we went to the Hotel Roof Top and fed them :)

…HAPPY DANCE PARTY in Shamrock100’s Igloo :)

…Remember when we were shoveling out the Dojo? Yes I do that was an AMAZING Adventure in Club Penguin’s History :) Investigation of Ninja!

…The Story about Tusk and Sensei is very SAD!

…And due to a BUG my complete unlocked Card-Jitsu Saga is MISSING! Close on x and…

…OH NO! My Friend is Frozen and his Puffle is GONE!

…I left the room and came back and then the Shamrock Puffle was Back BUT Shamrock100 is still Frozen and we can’t talk! What a sad end on a FUN Day!

...Hi Sweetfreeze :)

…Herbie and I had lots of FUN talking and HAPPY DANCING TOGETHER :)

…And that’s all Pictures for this time :) THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have played TOGETHER with :) Waddle On and have a HAPPY Day :)

FUN with Friends :)

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