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Friday, March 7, 2014

FUN with Friends Fair 2014 :)

The Club Penguin Fair 2014 was so much FUN and here are a few FUN with Friends Pictures from that Party :) Hi Hakeim1 are you earning Tickets too?

…Earning Tickets TOGETHER with Friends in a Fair Game :)

…The Space Squid Roller Coaster is so much FUN :)

…Tubbbi and I are smiling Fair Party Style :)

…Hi Todor96 :) I LOVE your Outfit :)

…I agree Abby5004 this is FUN :)

…Hi Tobian11 :) Do I want to play Sled Race? Yes indeed! To the Ski Hill :)

…I like the pretty color of the Sky we have in Club Penguin during this Party :)

…Oops! Crash testing of the slope the Snow tastes fine…LOL :)

…I like Echo006’s Fair Igloo decoration :)

…Flippers9035 is a GREAT dancer :)

…One of my Favorite things to do in Club Penguin is to talk TOGETHER with my Friends :)

…HAPPY FRIENDS at the Fair :)

…I like that the background in this Game is the mysterious Puffle with ears that has been spotted several times in Sneak Peeks :) Tubbbi thinks this Puffle will come at the next Puffle Party…Time will tell :)

…Aqua Max’s Igloo is a PERFECT place to record an Adventure Music Video :)

…Thanks Friend for showing us your Iggy :)

…Tubbbi has a lovely and very comfortable home :)

…Hands in the air this time :)

…To the Wagon Wheel :)

…This is AWESOME! The Fair2014 is the BEST Fair in Club Penguin ever!

…Metina4 LOVES the Fair too there is only one problem…

…When you waddle around having FUN at the Fair you get HUNGRY! LOL :)

…Mr Niceberg invited us to his Igloo that was FILLED with Games :)

… Talking about Favorite Fair Games :)

…I LOVE heights and you can see lots of interesting things from above :) Mr Niceberg asked me if this was my favorite server? I don’t have a Favorite Sever I play in different empty servers every day :)


…That Show ROCKED! See you later Puffle3457 now I will go and play some more Fair Games so I can get more Hats for my Puffles :)

…THANKS to ALL AWESOME Penguins I have played TOGETHER with at the Fair 2014 :) And THANKS Club Penguin Team for making a FANTASTIC FUN FAIR for us :)

FUN with Friends :)

Penguin of the Week Heartsweet50 March 7, 2014 :)

This is a message by Daffodaily5:

Hiya! Today’s Penguin of the Week is a real bookworm! Heartsweet50 loves to learn new things every day (because learning is ace!) and I’m sure if you see them around the island they would share a fun fact with you! Stay smart, stay cool! :)

If you can think of an awesome reason for your friend to be the star of Penguin of the Week then be sure to leave a comment below! Winners now receive an exclusive, brand new, super amazing, unique player card background AND 10,000 coins! Byeee!

…CONGRATS Heartsweet50 :) Books are AWESOME and so are your Stylish Outfit :)

…See earlier Club Penguin’s Penguin of the Week :)

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