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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Disney Channel's Game On Video - Muppets World Tour!

This is a message by Polo Field: Are you ready for international travel and the chance to hit the stage? Check out what's happening at the Muppets World Tour... on now until April 1! Let us know what you like best about the Muppets World Tour in the comments! Waddle On!

…NOTHING! I think the Muppets World Tour is very unimaginative and BORING!!!

Disney Game On – Muppets World Tour 2014 Club Penguin!

Spy Phone Message from the Director :)

I have a New Spy Phone message indication :)

March 20, 2014


Rookie. Report to my office immediately. Your Spy Phone privileges have been suspended.

…OH NO! Poor Rookie!

…See earlier Spy Phone message from Rookie :)

Kermit Tracking CHEATS Russian Servers!

Here are a few Tracking tips that will help you to find Kermit the Frog in Club Penguin Russian Servers! ATTENTION: Thanks Snego Lex for this when and where info BUT you forgot to tell us if the times are in Penguin Standard Time or Moscow time! Can you please fix that?

Thursday March 20, 2014

19:00 on server Аврора

Friday March 21, 2014

10:00 on server Северный Олень

17:00 on server Хоккей

Monday March 24, 2014

12:00 on server Ледниковый период

19:00 on server Варежки

Tuesday March 25, 2014

10:00 on server Дед Мороз

17:00 on server Айсберг

Wednesday March 26, 2014

10:30 on server Санки

16:00 on server Буран

Thursday March 27, 2014

12:00 on server Северный Олень

19:00 on server Аврора

Tips: Don’t forget to pick up Kermit’s FREE Background :)

When to meet Kermit CHEATS Muppets in Club Penguin!

Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

Meet Kermit CHEAT March 20, 2014 French Server!

Here is a Kermit the Frog Muppet Tracking Tips from Club Penguin: Kermit the Frog will visit French server Yéti today at 12:45 and 17:30 (time in France) Tips: Remember to pick up his FREE Background :)

When to meet Kermit CHEATS Muppets in Club Penguin!

Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

Kermit’s and Muppets Backgrounds Sneak Peek!

During the Muppets World Tour in Club Penguin Kermit the Frog is hopping around as a Mascot so we can meet him! Here is a Sneak Peek of his FREE Giveaway Background :)

…and here is a Sneak Peek of the FREE Muppets World Tour Background that will be available after you have performed on the Muppet Theater March 28, 2014!

When to meet Kermit CHEATS Muppets in Club Penguin!

Constantine FREE Background CHEAT!

Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

Constantine FREE Background CHEAT!

I LOVE Museums as they are FILLED with COOL items and History :) Right now we have a Museum at the Clothes Shop in Club Penguin and if you click on the Gold and Jewels you will get a FREE Background!

Constantine: Oh, you have discovered my plan to steal the jewels? Well…world’s number one criminal has more plans, penguin. Ok…

…Constantine Background has been added to your inventory!

…This is how the Constantine Background looks like on my Player card!

…Sadly this make the pretty items go Missing and the Museum is now very empty and with that BORING! I hope the Gold and Jewels will be returned ASAP!

Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

Muppets Costumes Catalog!

In the Passport you will find the Muppet Costumes catalog and Club Penguin Members can buy these New Outfits! Swedish Chef Head 200 coins, Swedish Chef Costume 350 coins, Fozzie Bear Head 200 coins, Fozzie Bear Costume 350 coins, Animal Head 200 coins, Animal Costume 350 coins, Sam Eagle Head, Sam Eagle Costume 350 coins, Beaker Head 200 coins, Beaker Costume 350 coins, Kermit the Frog Head 200 coins, Kermit the Frog Costume 350 coins, Miss Piggy Head 200 coins, Miss Piggy Costume 350 coins, The Great Gonzo Head 200 coins, The Great Gonzo Costume 350 coins, Constantine Head 200 coins, Constantine’s Cloak 250 coins and Bull Target Costume 350 coins!

…Non Members that try to but something from this catalog will get this Ad Message: Collecting items requires a paid membership. Members can: Dress up as Muppets with exclusive costumes! Collect a special item from each Muppet! Perform anywhere during the Muppets World Tour!

Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

Pinata Pin CHEAT Club Penguin :)

The NEW Club Penguin Pin is hidden here inside the Coffee Shop :)

…You have found a Pinata Pin Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…This is how the Piñata Pin looks like on my Player Card :)

…see earlier Club Penguin Pin :)

…How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

Club Penguin Times issue 439!

Kermit the Frog Interview! First Stop: Germany!

Kermit the Frog Interview!

The Muppet star answers our questions. We had a very special guest in the CP Times office. One of my favorite stars, Kermit the Frog, stopped in for an interview. Find out what he thinks of the island and what his plans are while he’s here. YAAY! Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

AA: Hi Kermit. Thanks so much for coming by for the interview.”"
Kermit: It’s great to be here, Aunt Arctic! I’m thrilled that our tour got to come to Club Penguin.
AA: And how do you find the island so far?
Kermit: It’s cold! Frogs aren’t used to cold. As we say: it’s not easy turning blue. Ha! But everyone is so friendly and keeps telling me to come to their igloo for a party!
AA: A lot of our readers have been practicing their performances. What do you look for in a performer?
Kermit: Lots of passion, a positive attitude…and be yourself, no matter how wild or weird! Those are the most important things when you’re working with the Muppets!
AA: What are you working on? Are you helping with the rehearsals?
Kermit: Not really, no. I’ll be busy in the Stage, getting ready for the show. But I’ll make sure I come out and visit!
AA: One final question, Kermit. It isn’t easy being green, is it?
Kermit: It’s pretty wonderful…but you’d know, wouldn’t you? Hehe!

First Stop: Germany!

“Wocka Wocka”. By Cadence — What up, peeps! The Muppets performances are rolling out, and the first one is a SWEET surprise. Fozzie Bear is in Germany and ready to help u master the art of the pie throw! Germany is at the Forest, so get there and give it ur best shot! Say what u want about Fozzie’s comedy but his pie gag is the best in the biz! It’s AWESOME that he’s bringing back the classics. When u and ur partner get it right, you’ll get an Alpine Hat as a souvenir—not to mention a face full of pie! U guys are gonna hav’em rolling in the aisles with this one! And every day there’ll be another act to try out! Cadence OUT!

Upcoming Events :)

Mar. 28 Finale Show Don’t miss your curtain call at the Stage!

Apr. 3 The Stage The plays return with Battle of the Ancient Shadows!

Apr. 10 Penguin Style Spring fashions hit the Clothes Shop!

On now: The Muppets have landed!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until April 2.
Next pin hidden: April 3—16


The Museum in the Town is showing off jewels and other rarities! The exhibition is only on until April 1, so get there before it’s gone!

Secret Message: Agents, be on alert. The Museum has priceless valuables. It must remain secure. [CLASSIFIED] Constantine FREE Background CHEAT!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

What country would you like to visit? – Trav L.
Well, I wish I had time to visit a country. The next couple of weeks will be full of Muppets coverage! If I did take a holiday though, I would go to Russia. It doesn’t have the tropical beaches of a country like Brazil, but it would be an amazing trip. I would take a train into St. Petersburg and tour around the beautiful old buildings. It’s so lovely to be able to soak up the rich history of a city like that. After seeing the city, I would go into the countryside as well. I’d like to visit one of those summer homes. I think they are called dachas?What about you? Where would you visit if you could go anywhere in the world?

Rookie and Animal Jam!


Heya everyone! I got to practice with Animal, the legendary Muppets’ rock and roll drummer! He’s amazing. I wish I had that much energy!He even knew how to play the rake! I never met anyone else that knew how to play it. Soooo cool! We got SUPER loud! We started in the Lighthouse, but some of the instruments got a little... um... damaged (sorry!). Then we went to the Boiler Room where we could really let loose! I hope you guys have fun drumming with Animal! It's super LOUD!

Secrets Classified all about Walter!

Walter is one of the newest members of the Muppets troop. He’ll be coming to India to show off his tap dancing skills on Mar. 24. Here are some fun facts about him:

  • Walter is one of the biggest Muppets fans ever—he has a Kermit T-shirt and watch
  • He saw The Muppet Movie over 67 times!
  • He made his debut in “The Muppets” and is back on the big screen in “Muppets Most Wanted”

…see earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 438!

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

The Muppets World Tour has taken over Club Penguin and there is a New Picture on the CP Home page to advertise that!

…The Loading Screen is Advertising this Party too! The Muppets are here until April 1!

…”Join the Tour” as home page AD!

…Muppet Costumes for Members as home page Ad!

Party Trailer Ad on Home page!

…Club Penguin Web site background!

…Join the Tour as Login Ad!

…Muppet Costumes for Members as Login Ad!

…”Join the Tour” as Log Off Ad!

…Muppet Costumes for Members as Log Off Ad!

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…

Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

Disney’s Muppets World Tour Takeover Club Penguin 2014 is here and this Party is an ad for the Muppets Most Wanted Movie! On this post you will find links to all the FREE items, Surprises, Help Guides, Walkthrough Tutorials and Secrets during this promotion attack on our world! If you wonder why I don’t like Advertise Parties you will find the answer in this post Disney! STOP destroying Club Penguin! Kermit: Hi ho! Kermit here! The Muppets World Tour is on! We’ve heard there are great performers here. We’d sure love to have you at the big finale…

…Go to each country and perform an act to audition. Later, we can all meet up for the big finale. It’s gonna be a great show for everyone! Yaaay! Click on OK…

…Click on the Passport: Throw a Cream Pie and Fly to Germany and Find Fozzie! Click on Find Fozzie…

…Now I’m in Germany :) Hi Fozzie!

…Members can now Equip the FREE Cream Pie item :) Wear this item and press D to look for a partner. Click on this (Pie emote) to join other performer’s act. Fozzie: Hiya! Fozzie Bear here with one of my all-time favorite slapstick shticks-cream pie throwing! It’s time to prove you’re the cream of the crop! Ahhh! Funn-ee! Wocka! Wocka! Ok…

…After throwing the Pie on someone you can collect the Alpine Hat item! TIPS! If Non Members join into the pie throwing by clicking on a members pie throwing emote they can earn the Alpine Hat too :) You have Completed the Fist Act come back March 21, 2014 to perform next!

Muppets World Tour Club Penguin Sneak Peeks!

When to meet Kermit CHEATS Muppets in Club Penguin!

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Club Penguin Times issue 439!

Pinata Pin CHEAT Club Penguin :)

Muppets Costumes Catalog!

Constantine FREE Background CHEAT!

Kermit’s and Muppets Backgrounds Sneak Peek!

Meet Kermit CHEAT March 20, 2014 French Server!

Kermit Tracking CHEATS Russian Servers!

Spy Phone Message from the Director :)

Disney Channel's Game On Video - Muppets World Tour!

Sing a duet with Miss Piggy CHEAT!

How to find Kermit CHEATS French Servers!

How to track Kermit CHEATS Spanish Servers!

When is Kermit Online Portuguese Servers?

Run with the Bulls - Great Gonzo CHEAT!

Tracking Kermit CHEATS English Servers!

Make a Salad – Swedish Chef CHEAT!

Do a tap Dance – Walter CHEAT!

Spoiler Alert Episode 16 Video – Kenya!

I met Kermit in Server Fog FUN with Friends :)

Try an experiment - Bunsen and Beaker CHEAT!


#WaddleOn Episode 28 Video Muppets World Tour!

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Club Penguin Times issue 440!

Play the Maracas – Pepe CHEAT!

Muppets Big Finale BUG!

No EPF Message this week!

Spy Phone message from Jet Pack Guy March 28, 2014!

The Muppet Theater is Open!

Favorite Muppet - Penguin Poll!

FREE Muppets World Tour Background at the Muppet Theater!

Party invitation: Chattabox Says...

Tour Guide Muppets World Tour Club Penguin 2014!

Kermit Stamp in Club Penguin Sneak Peek!

Payday in Club Penguin April 1, 2014 :)

Club Penguin Times issue 441 :)

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