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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Make a Salad – Swedish Chef CHEAT!

Today’s act is Make a Salad! How? Fly to France and meet the Swedish Chef…

…Hi Swedish Chef! Click on !…

Swedish Chef: Allo! Yor de cheffin todee! Ja! Yous flippen dee salladen. Med der chicken! Bork Bork Bork! Translation: You’re the chef today! Start flipping the salad with the chicken! OK! BUT first members can Equip the Salad Tongs item!

…Click on D and wait for someone to join the act OR join somebody's act :)

Swedish Chef: Ooh! Veeery gooden cheffin! Seeen yor at dee store beeeg finalinalee Translation: You’re a very good chef! See you at the Big Finale! Thanks Chef :) The Puffle Chicken LOVED the salad and ate it all :) EVERYONE can now Collect the FREE Beret item :)

…Next Act will be unlocked March 24, 2014!

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