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Monday, March 24, 2014

I met Kermit in Server Fog FUN with Friends :)

Today I was in Server Fog, Russia and TOGETHER with Friends I waited for Kermit! Sadly I was stuck with a very slow computer so I couldn't send postcards BUT it was so nice to meet and talk to you :)

…THANKS for all your kind words :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

…Kermit the Frog is here and I could add him as a Friend AND I got his Background :) Thanks Kermit :)


…Kermit asked if we wanted to skate? YES!!!

…We had so MUCH FUN TOGETHER Skating around:)

…Kermit left to go to Brazil :) Bye Kermit THANKS for the FUN :)

…I stayed a little longer in Russia before I left :) Bye Friends :) THANKS for the FUN :) Always remember that TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

FUN with Friends :)

Spoiler Alert Episode 16 Video – Kenya!

This is a message by Megg:

We had the pleasure of Baseballfan9's company on the show this week! He travelled to Kenya with Billybob and has the inside scoop on the goat from Billybob's previous Kenya post.

Question for everyone: What is ONE thing you don't think you could ever live without? Mine would have to be my dog! Until next time...Waddle on!

…My Family! I LOVE them so MUCH (even though Littletias and Dad have stinky feet) and without them my life would be so lonely! Thanks Baseballfan9'for telling us about your and Billybob’s Adventure in Kenya it was very interesting :)

Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

Spoiler Alert Episode 15 Video – Muppets and Shamrocks!

Disguised Agent :)

I have been hiding in my Igloo disguised as gold and jewel to see if whoever that placed the ten green squared stones on in the forest will come back :) So far no Luck…

Saraapril's St. Patrick's Day Igloo 2014 :)

Do a tap Dance – Walter CHEAT!

Today’s act is to do a Tap dance! How? Fly to India and meet Walter…

…Hi Walter! Click on !…

Walter: Hi there! Performing with Muppets is so awesome! I oughta now! Here’s your chance to show what you can do! OK! BUT first members can Equip the Gold Cane item!

…Click on D and wait for someone to join the act OR join somebody's act :)

Walter: What a number! Couldn't have done better myself! Way to go! Thanks Walter :) EVERYONE can now Collect the FREE Turban item :)

…Next Act will be unlocked March 25, 2014!

Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

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