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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Try an experiment - Bunsen and Beaker CHEAT!

It’s time to Try an experiment! How? Fly to Russia and meet Bunsen and Beaker…

…Hi Bunsen and Beaker! Click on !…

Bunsen: Good day! Bunsen Honeydew here. Would you mind demonstrating my latest experiment? Beaker has become rather skittish around them. OK! BUT first members can Equip the Beakers item!

…Click on D and wait for someone to join the act OR join somebody's act :)

…Oh-uh…PLEASE DON’T EAT US…LOL :) I LOVE this silly experiment and I LOVE that we turn into different random things :) My favorite transformation is the cute Teddy Bears :)

Bunsen: Oh my! What an unexpected reaction! my formula for dehydrated water may need a slight adjustment. I think so too Bunsen…LOL :) EVERYONE can now Collect the FREE Ushanka item :)

…Next Act will be unlocked March 26, 2014!

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