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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Play the Maracas – Pepe CHEAT!

Today it’s time to perform the eight and last qualification act :) How? Fly to Mexico and meet Pepe…

…Hi Pepe! Click on !…

Pepe: Hola! The maracas are a beautiful instrument. I am very good playing them! See if you can shake it like Pepe, okay! Now let’s get moving to the beat! BUT first members can Equip the Mexican Maracas item! (Sadly these Maracas can’t be used to play at the Lighthouse Stage! That’s so BORING that I will count it as a BUG!)

…Click on D and wait for someone to join the act OR join somebody's act :)

Pepe: That was a spicy performance! You remind me of me! You should follow your passion for music, okay? Okay Pepe and Thanks for your kind words :) EVERYONE can now Collect the FREE Mexican Sombrero item :)

…Come back on March 28, 2014 to perform at the finale!

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