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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Saraapril Fan Art by Cupcakecake4 :)

I just made some fan art and sent it to you! I drew it on my computer i hope you like it

…THANKS Cupcakecake4  :) You have a GREAT eye for Style and Fashion :) TOGETHER WE ROCK THE RUNWAY!

THANKS Cupcakecake4 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Spy Phone message from Jet Pack Guy April 3, 2014 :)

I don't have a New Spy Phone message indication BUT I have a NEW message = BUG!

April 3, 2014

Jet Pack Guy

Rockhopper’s coming in for and emergency stop. Get ready to aid the captain. We don’t know what could be behind his dwindling supplies.

…Okay Jet Pack Guy :) Club Penguin Times issue 441 :) I will go and talk to the Pet Shop Workers about this so they can start to prepare for the NEW Puffles :) Club Penguin Member Sneak Peeks April – May 2014 :)

See earlier post Spy Phone message from Jet Pack Guy :)

Fill in the blank - UK Magazine Comic :)

This is a message by Daffodaily5: Hiya! I just got hold of the brand new issue of the UK magazine (out today) and I thought it would be fun to take a couple of frames from one of the comics, remove the text from the speech bubble and ask you guys to come up with some ideas for what the green penguin might be saying! What do you think? Post your ideas in the comments! Byeee!

…I think the Green Penguin says: Did you make that Ice Rock?

Club Penguin Magazine :)

Club Penguin Magazine issue 29 :)

Club Penguin Magazine issue 29 is here and it’s about Mini Games :) The issue is on sale from April 3, 2014 and is available in the UK and Republic of Ireland :) This issue comes with the free item Rainbow Matrix Hat that can be unlocked online and one Treasure Book Item of your choice :)

UPDATE: This is what Club Penguin says about the The Gaming Special! Wanna master the Club Penguin mini games? Then you need this gaming special! Packed with tricks, tips and secrets, you'll be maxing out your coins in no time! Packed with puzzles, posters and more, you can also meet new character Tourdude, read a comic strip about a puffle hero, AND grab your free playing cards and virtual items too. So let's get it on! Every reader gets a puffle hat, a treasure book treat, AND 1,500 coins in-game. This month's cover-gift is a pack of playing cards. Waddle on! Solve the penguin puzzles and challenges in the mag and you'll receive 1500 coins to spend in-game.

Club Penguin Magazine :)

Battle of the Ancient Shadows back at the Stage :)

HURRAY! The Club Penguin Play Battle of the Ancient Shadows is back at the Stage :)

…This play is so COOL :) Hi Ninja decorated Statue Puffles…LOL :)

…You will find both a background Story for this play and Costumes in the Costume Trunk Catalog :) Long, long ago three ancient creatures ruled the lands—Sage Fish, Ancient Dragon, and Snow Monkey. Their great powers could only be matched by each other. To decide who was the greatest among them, they battled. And so the legend of the Battle of the Ancient Shadows was born. Snow Monkey and Snow Monkey Feet are Old items :)

…Mouse over the page to find the Hidden Old items the Director’s Hat 250 coins and Megaphone 145 coins :)

…Sage Fish 400 coins, Ancient Dragon 600 coins and Ancient Dragon Feet 150 coins are also Old items that are available again :)

…Tour Guide messages: Plaza: This is the Plaza! Grab a snack at the Pizza Parlor Adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop! Pamper your pet at the Puffle Hotel Then check out the Stage play... Battle of the Ancient Shadows!

Stage: Now showing... Battle of the Ancient Shadows Watch as mythic creatures... challenge each other... and determine who really ancient battle!

Detail: The music at the stage is now in 64kbps bitrate before it was in 40kbps bitrate and this means that the music quality is much better now :)

…You find the Stage Script at this post :) And on this post Battle of the Ancient Shadows you can see how the Costumes looks like as Shadows :) I LOVE to use the Switchbox 3000 to get Special Effects Shadows and make up my own Stories :)

…Trivia: November 24, 2011 was the first time we got this play as a part of the Card-Jitsu Party 2011 :)

Cream Pie Pin CHEAT Club Penguin :)

The NEWEST Club Penguin Pin is hidden here outside the University at the Mine Shack :)

…You have found a Cream Pie Pin Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…This is how the Cream Pie Pin looks like on my Player Card :)

…see earlier Club Penguin Pin :)

…How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

Club Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS April 2014 :)

The New Club Penguin Style Catalog is here and it’s FILLED with NEW and Old Puffle Fashion items for Penguins and MORE :) As always I will help you find ALL the hidden secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…We have got two NEW Backgrounds and Everyone can buy them for 60 coins each :) Puffle Park Background and Save the Streams Background :)

…The Archaeologist Hat and Hair Wig 250 coins, Outback Traveler Outfit 300 coins, Black Hiking Boots 250 coins, Junior Explorer Hat 100 coins, Junior Explorer Outfit 300 coins and Explorer's Bag 200 coins are NEW items :)

…Mouse over this page to find the hidden NEW Secret Wrist wrap 50 coins :)

…O'Berry Necklace is a NEW item too :)

…And so are The Up Sweep Hair Wig 250 coins, T-Rex Puffle Tee 300 coins, The Shade Do Hair Wig 250 coins and Striped Hoodie and Jacket 300 coins :)

…Fringed Purse 150 coins is a NEW item :)

…The Orange Kittytail Hair Wig 250 coins, The Blue Floppy Ears Hair Wig 250 coins, The Blue Doggone Hair Wig 250 coins, The Orange Tomcat 250 coins, Gold Boa (it’s named Gold Feather Boa when you buy it = Text Bug) 200 coins and rainbow Boa (it’s named Rainbow Feather Boa when you buy it = Text Bug) 200 coins are also NEW items :)

…Fish Costume 500 coins is an Old item :)

…Colored Hearts Hoodie 300 coins is a NEW item :) But when you buy this item the dialog box says “Would you like to buy Coloured Hearts Hoodie for 300 coins?” ANOTHER Text BUG!

…The Lux Hair Wig 250 coins, Gold Cape 200 coins, The Rainbow Sweep Hair Wig 250 coins and Rainbow Cape 200 coins are NEW items too :)

…Rainbow Paint Hoodie 300 coins is a NEW item :)

…And so is Galactic Hoodie 300 coins :)

…The Goldilocks Hair Wig 250 coins, I Heart My Gold Puffle T-Shirt 250 coins and The Rainbow Curls Hair Wig 250 coins are NEW items :)

…Rainbow Checkered Shoes 300 coins and Gold Checkered Shoes are NEW items too :)

…Bear Ears 50 coins is the last NEW item is this Catalog and it’s an item for EVERYONE! HURRAY :) UPDATE: Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Penguin at Work: Pet Shop Apron 100 coins as an Old item :) Put on this outfit and press the ‘D’ to perform the special dance :)

…Here is the Old Red Viking Helmet 750 coins hidden :) Open and close three times then open again…

…CONGRATS! You have found the Old Secret Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :) The build your own Hoodie, Viking Helmet and Blue Viking Helmet price tags are still missing the member badge…BUG!

…The Jetsetter Hair Wig 200 coins :)

…The Getaway Hair Wig 250 coins :)

…Resort Brochure 100 coins :)

Club Penguin Catalogs :)

Club Penguin Times issue 441 :)

Stowaways on the Migrator! Bravo on the Finale!

Stowaways on the Migrator!

A stinky cheese shortage on the high seas! By Rockhopper — Avast, me hearties! Me supplies be runnin' out faster than I thought! I be makin' port at Club Penguin on April 10. Come out and visit the Migrator while she's docked!

It be a Tuesday, and I be gettin' mighty hungry after searchin' for treasure. When I went to me hold, I saw nothin' but crumbs where me stinky cheese should be! I searched the rest o' me hold, and me crow's nest, and me own captain's quarters, but I only be findin' more crumbs. Meows and barks be comin' from somewheres, but I not be seein' any animals. I think Yarr be savvy to somethin', but he not be tellin' me. By me beard, I be thinkin' thar be stowaways on me ship! I not be findin' 'em yet, but maybe when I be landin' at Club Penguin they be showin' 'emselves. Puffle Dog Sneak Peek Video :) Puffle Cat Sneak Peek :)

Bravo on the Finale!

No biz like show biz! By Cadence — That was ICE COLD, guys! U rocked it with the Muppets! It was literally an honor to have them here. I think we showed 'em just how CP parties! I still can't believe we got to sing with Miss Piggy, drum with Animal, and explode with Bunsen and Beaker! Plus, u all brought ur own style to the show, and it was EPIC! I LOVED seeing the performances at the Muppets Theater. Me and Dot were totally LOLing in the stands when we came to see the shows. Let's wish The Muppets TONS of luck on their next gig. Cadence OUT! Muppets World Tour CHEATS Club Penguin!

Upcoming Events :)

Apr. 17 Puffle Park A place for puffles to play! Puffle Park Sneak Peek :)

Apr. 17 Get your puffles ready! Celebrate all the new puffles at Puffle Party 2014

Apr. 10: Members can get the new Tree House Igloo!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until April 16.
Next pin hidden: April 17—30

Newsflash :)

New health trend hitting Club Penguin! More smoothies need smashing at the Coffee Shop!

Ask Sensei :)

Were you the first ninja? – Stew Dent
No, grasshopper. Just as I teach ninjas, so too was I taught by a sensei. But this was long ago. I never thought I would be a teacher. I was only interested in friends and eating excellent rice with hot sauce. So I left my fellow students to travel far and wide. But then they faced a great danger, and I was called to help by my ninja brethren. We sealed away the dangerous force, and only then did I become a sensei. Now I train ninjas in case that danger comes again. Like the calm before
A ninja must be ready
For a sudden storm

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Card-Jitsu Strategy

By Sensei - To master Card-Jitsu and attain your black belt, you must learn to be one with the cards. But, a few good tips won't hurt either:

  • Watch the cards your opponent has already won.If they have both snow and fire, water is not far behind!
  • Never give up. You gain progress even if you lose. But if you quit, you will gain nothing.
  • Read the abilities of the power cards. These can turn the tide of a game!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 440!

Club Penguin Member Sneak Peeks April – May 2014 :)

In Club Penguin Paying members get MORE and here are some Sneak Peeks of that :) Get Puffle-Inspired Styles :) Starting April 3, 2014 the latest puffle-inspired clothing is available for members.

Adopt New Puffles :) NEW cat and dog puffles are ready to adopt April 17, 2014 at the Pet Shop. Puffle Dog Sneak Peek Video :) Puffle Cat Sneak Peek :)

Gear Up for the Future :) Members can get ready for out-of-this-world adventures...COOL!!!

Club Penguin Sneak Peeks :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

We have got s NEW Login Picture on the Disney Club Penguin Home page :) Starting April 17, 2014! New Puffles! New Park! Puffle Park Sneak Peek and Puffles to Club Penguin App :)

…Two new Ads has been added too: NEW Puffle-Inspired Styles for Members Check out Penguin Style :) And…

…Buy One Gift One* Membership Offer! Click on Check it out…

…And you will go to the Club Penguin membership page: Buy One Gift One :) Purchase a 1-month membership and get a bonus month to give as a gift. Give them (virtually) everything with a gift membership! Limited Time Offer ends April 30, 2014!

…Here is the Puffle Park again as a Login Picture :)

…And as a Log Off Picture :) Starting April 17, 2014! New Puffles! New Park!

…Here’s a Login Sneak Peek Picture: Club Penguin App Puffles coming soon to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch :)

…The Featured Postcards are changed and this is how it look like right now :)

…The Migrator is closer and I can HARDLY WAIT until Rockhopper and Yarr are here with the NEW Dog and Cat Puffles :) Puffle Dog Sneak Peek Video :) Puffle Cat Sneak Peek :)

…Spoiler Alert Giveaway Background Sneak Peek!

…Blue Border Collie Hat Sneak Peek :)

…Bear Costume Sneak Peek :) UPDATE: Unlock FREE Bear Costume and help the Environment :)

…We have got a dialog box update after playing Games :) Use your coins to: Buy new clothing, Adopt a pet or Decorate your igloo :) Thanks Tech70 for telling me about this :) I get this update for my Test Penguin BUT not for my Saraapril account! Hmmm…BUG?!?

…Now the Furniture and Igloo Catalog can be opened inside the igloo without having to edit the igloo :) GREAT!

…2 new help pages have been added on the Puffle Game Help topic on Club Penguin’s website :)

How do I adopt a Rainbow Puffle?

  • This rare puffle was discovered in the Cloud Forest. To adopt one, you'll first need to complete the Puffle Care Quest.

  • Walk one of your puffles to the Puffle Hotel (next to the Pet Shop)
  • Click on the sign board in the lobby to start your quest

  • Once you've completed all four tasks, members can launch from the rainbow cannon on the hotel roof into the Cloud Forest
  • Which rainbow puffle will choose you?

How do I complete the Puffle Care Quest?

Become a Puffle Care Expert by completing the Puffle Care Quest in the Puffle Hotel! How to become a Puffle Care Expert? CHEAT :)

  • Walk one of your puffles to the Puffle Hotel, next to the Pet Shop
  • Click on the sign board in the lobby to start your quest

  • There are four tasks to complete with your puffle:
    - Exercise on the treadmill
    - Groom your puffle at the spa station
    - Feed your puffle a snack
    - Give your puffle a rest on the rooftop

  • You'll earn coins for each task you complete
  • Members will earn a Puffle Care Expert outfit
  • Everyone will earn a bag of Gourmet O'berries

UPDATE: April 5, 2014 Login Picture added “Club Penguin App Puffles coming soon to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch” :)

Club Penguin Details :)

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