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Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Golden Surprise :)

I was down in the mine working with Uncle Gary’s invention the…WAIT! That’s CLASSIFIED! Sorry! I can’t tell you about that! PLEASE just forget I said something! You will!?! THANKS :) Anyway…

…I was tired after working so hard and sat down to take a break and drink a cup of Coffee…YUCK!!! I wish this was a cup of yummy Hot Chocolate instead :) Just then I heard a rumbling noise…was it my stomach that protested about the Coffee? Nope!

…Where did that sound come from? Curious I started to look around in the Cave and when I came closer to the closed off area I understand that the noise came from underground!

…What if? Can it be? I quickly search the pockets in my vest and there I found some gold nuggets :) I used the nuggets to start the Jackhammer and from the underground the cutest and most sparkling little Gold Puffle girl emerged and as soon as she saw me she jumped over to give me a hug and looked hopefully on me just like she wanted to ask if I would adopt her :)

…And so I did :) You found a Gold Puffle! Choose a name: Karat :)

…Congratulations! Your new Puffle comes with its very own adoption certificate and exclusive toy! AWESOME and THANKS :)

…Karat is so kind and I can hardly WAIT until we get home so she can meet her brothers and sisters BUT it might take a while as she can’t stop digging for Gold :) You found ANOTHER Gold Treasure item!?! THANKS Karat :)

How to Adopt a Gold Puffle? Quest for the Gold Puffle CHEAT :)

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Saraapril’s Puffle Theatre Igloo :)

I’m so HAPPY that we have got the Theatre Igloo back and my Puffles and I had so Much FUN decorating it TOGETHER into a Puffle Theatre :) And now we are having so Much FUN practicing our Acts before the Grand Opening :)

…Yes your siblings Acts are AWESOME! They need just a little more time to practice and then it will be your turn to come to the Theatre and practice your Acts :)

…See earlier Igloo decoration Earth Hour 2014:)

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