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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 444 :)

Super Puffle Show! Bear Alert!

Super Puffle Show!

The most amazing feats ever performed! By PH — Alright mates. You’ve been doin’ great with your tricks. I see loads of puffles performing all over the island. But now the big show has arrived! Go to the Stage to see what’s up!

I reckon you’ve got your pets in fine shape for a show, and that’s just what the gala is! It’s going to be a real beaut of a production. You’ll see the finest specimens of pufflekind in action. There’ll be jumps, spins, nuzzles, and digging! I know puffle owners are looking to show their best tricks to the audience. Check out the big screen at the back of the room. It’ll display tricks for all of us to do with our puffles. We’re gonna have one big puffle dance party! Don’t forget this is gonna be a swanky affair. Put on your puffle’s best hat and dress up for the occasion! Hope to see you there! The Puffle Gala On Now :)

Bear Alert!

By Rookie — Heya everyone! Have you checked out the Nature Reserve in the Forest? You can see all sorts of animals there. Just look out for bears! They come for the honey and picnic baskets, I think. So I’m packing my sandwiches in this EPF security safe. CLEVER. If you wanna stay safe, here are some tips to keep bears away:

  • Wear bells and dance
  • Don’t dress as food
  • Sing pop songs in ALL CAPS!

Have fun! And try not to look too tasty when you’re hiking or having a picnic! Unlock FREE Bear Costume and help the Environment :)

Upcoming Events :)

May 1 Special Event Hat contest at the Beach! Bring your biggest, scariest, or fishiest hat!

May 15 Furniture and Igloo Catalog New furniture for the ultra-modern igloo!

May 8: Clothing that is out of this world!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until April 30.
Next pin hidden: May 1–14

Newsflash :)

Vets needed at Beach. Bring your stethoscope!

Ask P.H. :)

Can we decorate our backyard? –Fern E. ChurNo Fern, I’m afraid not. Your puffles love gettin’ to roam free in that backyard, it’s like a little piece of the wilds for them.Plus, you don’t want your stuff to get all mucky in the snow, do you? Your backyard will always match your igloo location, though.If you want to change up your backyard, why not try a new location, like a beach or mountaintop? Can puffles talk? –S. PeakerPuffles can’t really talk like you and I, but if you listen real hard, you can make sense of what they’re sayin’. When I’m in the wild, I keep an ear out for the calls of puffle creatures. That’s how you find the best O’berry bushes!

Comics: Waited Millions of Years EPF just got fixed (Not really! EPF Command Room renovation Completed)

Secrets Classified Puffle Launch :)

By PH - G’day Mates! Want to blast your puffle into the skies and collect Puffle O’s? Ace! Head to the Pet Shop and jump in the cannon!

  • Some obstacles can help you out! If you want the fastest time, aim for the nearest cactus, and see where it shoots ya!
  • If you’re in a cannon that’s spinnin’ around, shoot off in a random direction. You might wind up skipping some cannons!
  • Sometimes you don’t wanna go as far as you can. Push in the opposite direction to slow your puffle down a little.

Keep practicing, and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Just watch out for a certain cranky crab!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 443 :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

ALL blog posts on Club Penguin’s What’s New Blog after December 12, 2013 are MISSING!

…And the archive is missing all posts after December 12, 2013 too…BUG! UPDATE: This Bug is now fixed :)

…The Migrator is no longer visible from the Beacon Telescope!

…The Puffle Park Pin is MISSING! Thanks Vindore for telling me about this BUG! UPDATE: This Bug is now fixed :)

…An AD for the Club Penguin App 1.4 is added on Club Penguin Home page: Club Penguin App Now on iPad, iPhone and IPod Touch Watch the Video

…Right now there is a Login BUG! When you click on “Play Now” you will go nowhere! UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :)

…The “Adopt a Puffle” AD was showing but with French text below “Voir la vidéo” BUG!

Club-Penguin-2014-04-1487 - Copy

…Snowflake Costume as unlockable item :)

…The Penguin Style April 2014 Catalog has some minor text placement changes on several pages for example the ‘D’ is no longer centered…BUG!

…And the “I ♥ MY” text was changed to bold but is back to normal again!

…Right now NOTHING happens when I click on my Friends icons on my Friends List! I can open the Mascot’s Player Cards BUT they are Forever Loading…BUG!

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…

Favorite Puffle trick? Penguin Poll :)

What's your favorite Puffle trick? Nuzzle? Speak? Jump and spin? Dig? Stand on head? Rollover? Spin? My answer is ALL OF THEM :) But as I can’t choose that I will vote for speak as my Puffles sound so cute :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) You can vote too on YOUR favorite answers :)

…See earlier Pets – Penguin Poll :)

May 2014 Party Sneak Peek Club Penguin!

This is a message by Megg: You guys had some great guesses about what we've got coming in May. I'm stoked to finally tell you that it's going to be the Future party!!! Here's two sketches of what we're working on.

What do you think future Club Penguin will look like? Leave us a comment below. Waddle on

…Sadly it looks like ANOTHER WAR is coming to Club Penguin and that will NOT BE FUN AT ALL!

Future Party Sneak Peek!

I met PH in Server Fog :) FUN with Friends :)

Today I meet BOTH PH and GREAT Club Penguin Friends in server Fog :)

FUN with Friends :)

…Gtg and do some offline stuff :) More pictures later…

Guided Tour of Puffle Party 2014 Club Penguin :)

I LOVE Puffles and this year’s Puffle Party is FILLED with PUFFLEASTIC FUN for us and our furry Friends :)

…This is the Plaza! Adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop! Check out the Puffle Park. Then grab a snack at the Pizza Parlour Don't forget The Puffle Gala starts on Apr 24 Puffle Gala Sneak Peek :)

…In the Pet Shop you can adopt puffles. They have different colors and traits. Play Puffle Launch or Pufflescape. Or take them to the Puffle Park! Puffle Handbook 2014 :)

…Welcome to the Puffle Park. It's made just for you and your puffle. You can go on a slide or zipline or wash up at the hydrant! The cat and dog puffles especially love this spot!

  …ALL Puffles can do Puffle Tricks :)

…And we have three special Party Emotes :)

…Safe chat quick messages :)

Puffle Party!
Good doggy!
Here kitty kitty!
chases cat
chases dog
To the Puffle Park!
Is the Gala open?
Can your puffle do tricks?
Here's my new puffle!
Come to my tree house iggy!

…Jokes :)

What's a dog crossed with a rose called? A collie-flower!
What do you call a sad border collie? Melan-collie!
What's a border collie's favorite dish? Shepherd's Pie!
Why are cats good at video games? Because they have nine lives!
When is a vet the busiest? When it's raining cats and dogs!
What do you call a small cat? An itty bitty kitty.
How is cat food sold? Usually purr can!
How does the cat get its own way? With friendly purr-suasion.
Why did the cat drink his water fast? To set a new lap record!

…Welcome to the Tree Forts it's a great place to play with your puffles or start an adventure! Head up the ladder to visit tree house igloos…

…Featured Tree House Igloos :)

…Stadium: This is an agility course! You can run through with a puffle or as a puffle! Go as fast as you can! Ready Set GO!

…Here is the Town Center. It's always a busy, exciting place and a great spot to meet friends or be a Tour Guide!

…Smell that fresh baking? It's the puffle bakery! Get treats from the stone oven for you and your pet!

…Gift Shop: You can get your puffle pampered at this glamorous studio! Dress them up and take their photo so you'll always remember the Puffle Party! (There is no Background available here BUT you can pretend to take a Picture :)

…Dock: This is the Wildlife Park where you can explore habitats of all sorts of animals. Climb like a monkey! Roar like a dino! Or swim around icebergs! You will find Animal Costumes in the Penguin Style :)

…This is the Beach. The Puffle Vet is right here if your puffle needs a checkup. There are bunny ears in the box on the left They're free for everyone!

…Lighthouse: This is the Puffle Vet bring. your puffle here to get looked at by one of our trained Puffle Vets. Check out the scale and the X-ray to start the check-up!

…This rugged room is the Wildlife Reserve. It's a natural habitat for bears. If you stay still and watch You may see some fishing or getting honey! Unlock FREE Bear Costume and help the Environment :)

…Cove: Splish splash! It's the waterpark! Try out the Purple Puffle Slide or go for a swim then relax at the floating surf shack!

…Thanks for taking this Tour :) Many of the rooms have special effects so have FUN exploring :)

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 CHEATS :)

Spring Flowers :)

The Spring is here and my potted plants have buds again :)

…Here can you see how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier Saraapril’s Orange Puffle Tree House Igloo :)

FREE O’berry and Wind-up items :)

The last NEW FREE items at the Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 are available :) Click on “Go There” and you will be teleported to the…

… Dock :) Click on the Green sign…

…Collect your Puffle Party items! Member item: O’berry Costume :) Item for EVERYONE: Wind-up Mouse :) Collect and Collect :)

…The Puffle Gala will be available April 24, 2014 :)

…Earlier today I was transformed into a Puffle and I wonder if that’s why this Costume makes me HUNGRY…LOL :)

…Please Feed the HAPPY DANCING O’berry…LOL :)

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 CHEATS :)

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