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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How to track Gary 3000 in Spanish Servers CHEATS!

If you haven’t found Gary 3000 yet you can meet him on these Spanish Servers in Disney Club Penguin! Thanks Tato Maxx for these Gary3000 CHEATS :) Times are in official Club Penguin time zone and remember to get the Gary 3000 background :)

Thursday May 29, 2014

06:00 AM, server Géiser

Saturday May 31, 2014

02:00 PM, server Trineo de Nieve

Tuesday June 3, 2014

11:00 AM, server Lluvia de Estrellas

…Here are MORE tracking tips when and where you can find Gary 3000 When to meet Gary 3000 CHEATS May 2014 in Club Penguin!

June 2014 Mini-Event Club Penguin Sneak Peek :)

This is a message by Megg: It was great hearing how much everyone enjoyed Funny Hat Week. So we thought, why not do that again? Well, not exactly that. But another mini-event! This time, we're throwing a Penguin Prom at the University!

Wear your best gown or tux, and come celebrate June 12-18, 2014! Waddle on!

…I think most Club Penguin Players have many years left before they will graduate from University! Aren’t you supposed to have a date for the Prom? I’m not allowed to date yet so this Prom Party is not for me! Can’t we have an end of the School year Party instead?

Club Penguin Fun Stuff :)

Sneak Peek! Penguin Cup Special UK Magazine :)

This is a message by Daffodaily5: Hiya! I just got my hands on the latest copy of the UK CP mag! This month the focus is Penguin Cup... talk about EPIC! I thought I'd share some sneak peeks with you guys before it hits the shops. As I said, this issue focuses on next month's Penguin Cup party, so you should expect lots of sport related info! As I'm from the UK, I'm obviously a huge footy fan, so this issue is super exciting! Of course, one of the most important things about any upcoming party is what outfit to wear, so it's worth taking a cheeky glance at Cadence's Catwalks to see some fab outfit ideas for you to try out! You can also unlock some extra football gear using the item unlock code :)

As always, there's a fun selection of perplexing puzzles and hilaaaarious comics, plus a brilliant Puffle Cannon free gift! The magazine will be available in UK stores on May 29th (that's this Thurs!) Byeee!

…Thanks for the Sneak Peek info Daffo :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

Future of Club Penguin!

When I first heard about a Future Party in Club Penguin I was excited and started to imagine and dream about the AMAZING Medical discoveries and Environment progresses and smart inventions we can have in the Future :) BUT very soon I understood that Disney Club Penguin doesn't want that at ALL! Let’s take a closer look at how the Club Penguin Staff’s dream future looks like: 

…In the Future as a result of that Club Penguin torn down the Recycling plant the environment is so destroyed that only a few rooms are open and trees and plants have died and are replaced with holograms!

…Robots have taken over all the work opportunities and…

…there is no respect for animals and fishes are used as weapon and…

the ocean is so polluted that nothing can live in it! A few of the endangered yellow fishes are at display in the interstellar zoo…I wonder how long they will stay here before they too get killed?

… The Beach is now a gas station and…

…Penguins are encouraged to fight and battle in a Space WAR!

…There you go that’s the bright and in their opinion FUN Future Club Penguin wants for us! I find this ”Party” both SAD, SCARY and DEPRESSING!

Future Party 2014 CHEATS Club Penguin!

Party invitation: Join Forces with Chattabox!

This is a message by Chattabox: G’Day Penguins, The Future Party is here!!! And how much fun is the future?! I’m having such a great time exploring, eating out at the Blast-Off Bistro and trying on all the awesome future-inspired outfits in the catalogue. Check out the picture of a few of us rockin’ out in the Dance Dome.

I’ve also been battling meteors and getting ready for The Prorobot Battle. But I think I’m in need of a little help. So for this weeks party, I’m calling all penguins to join forces and go battle those meteors. Come prepared with your “Fish Sticks”, “Big Red”, “O’Blaster” or “Cadet Jetpack” and we will re-group at the new galactic zoo that has opened up for this months party (how cool!). Lets meet in The Future at The Zoo on the Down Under server at 4pm (East Australian Standard Time) on Thursday 29th May, which will be 6pm for all of you in New Zealand. Don’t forget, this is now 11pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 28th May for everyone over in the US and Canada, and 7am on Thursday 29th May for my pals in the UK. Waddle on!

…As I don’t enjoy WAR I will for sure NOT be there!!! Future Party 2014 CHEATS Club Penguin!

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